“Beating” arcade-style games and the coveted 1CC

Between ports, retro revivals, indie games, and even an occasional release from big names like PlatinumGames, we gamers have tons of arcade and arcade-inspired games at our fingertips. These games tend to be short, but the game itself doesn’t dictate the completion terms. You do.

Readers who don’t want criticism in a game review. Thoughts on what a new generation of gamers in Japan want

We've noticed less and less interest from our readers regarding game reviews. Maybe we're not providing the kind of information they seek.

The Kirby characters that never left Japan

Kirby’s long-running light novel series contains over 20 books, including novelizations of fan favorite games, original stories, and even a standalone version of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. These books introduce a number of new characters and locales not seen in any other Kirby media.

Elden Ring – Put your foes to sleep all across the Lands Between & see their sleeping faces

Elden Ring - Give your foes a well-deserved good night's rest with the sleep status and see their sleeping faces. Even a powerful monster is cute when it sleeps.