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Project Shaz from the devs behind God Eater were accused of plagiarism and have since issued an apology and explanation. Project Shaz is a multiplayer action game announced by TVT, a game studio being led by Toshiyuki Yasui (God Eater, Freedom Wars).
NIS America has released a brand-new update for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (ver 1.1.3). The patch further improves the overall performance of the game, but what’s really interesting is that it came about as a result of trying to optimize the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.
Wakka from Final Fantasy X has suddenly resurfaced as a meme in Japan. The origins of the new meme sensation trace back to a fan-made video called "Oto-Wak" (おとわっか), with the lines Wakka said in the video spreading on social media.
The “Monster Hunter claw grip” was trending on Twitter in Japan as players waxed nostalgia and talked about how they still use it today for games like Elden Ring and Final Fantasy XIV.
The Japanese live streaming service Mildom is seeing their certified streamers leaving the platform one after another, with one relaying the message that  “there will be no certified streamers by August or September.”
Chinese developer Xiameng Studio has announced the open world RPG Code Name: Wandering Sword for Steam. The visuals of the game may give many gamers a sense of déjà vu because they look just like the graphics in Octopath Traveler.
The Pokémon Company has revealed that restrictions have been placed on moving Spinda between games using Pokémon Home. According to users looking into the matter, the issue is a technical hurdle revolving around how the games place Spinda’s spots.
SteamDB has published a ranking of the top-selling games of the week up to May 22. As pointed out by Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at the gaming market research firm Niko Partners, the list is dominated by titles backed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent.
Furry fighting game Mofu Mofu Sensen gains attention in Japan but has gamers confused due to the total lack of information online, even though it’s planned for release sometime in May for the Nintendo Switch.
It sounds like Elon Musk has completed Elden Ring after tweeting high praise for the game on May 22 saying, “Elden Ring, experienced in its entirety, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen.”
Crystarise is a 2D open world action RPG that combines action gameplay, where you explore fields, and simulation gameplay, where you customize a base. The protagonist of the game is a young girl who is tasked with becoming the guardian deity of a mysterious sky island.
Tokyo Coffee Pandechika is a nostalgic coffee game set in a Tokyo café during the pandemic. The developer Heaviside Creations previously released a video streaming RPG called Live in Dungeon in 2021.
Meg’s Monster is an adventure RPG set in the Underworld that depicts the meeting of a monster and a young girl. While the girl may look weak at a glance, she actually holds a secret: her tears have the power to destroy the entire world.
The price of a bundle of three Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO was raised to 300, an increase of 50 PokéCoins. This update was met with a mixed reaction from players, most of whom expressed disappointment.
Playable Mockup is a 3D deck-building horror game about exploring an infinitely looping corridor. As the name suggests, Playable Mockup is a playable prototype of a game still in development.
Gift Ten Industry has announced that a sequel to Madorica Real Estate is in development for PC (Steam) and the Nintendo Switch. Madorica Real Estate is a puzzle solving escape game where players make use of a pen and paper.
One Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has deciphered just what is being said on a TV program featured in the game. They’re speaking Japanese.
The little sliver of Kirby that remains after using the Super Cutter ability in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards appears to be quietly gaining popularity among fans. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards will soon be offered to Nintendo Switch + Expansion Pack users on May 20.
Yanako RPGs has announced MonTamer Maker, a game development engine for creating monster tamer games. It was also announced that the very same engine is being used to develop the monster tamer game Dokimon.
VA-11 Hall-A developer Sukeban Games has posted an update on N1RV Ann-A and other projects codenamed Next Game and Project D.
The Japanese second-hand store chain Hard-Off has found a fake The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cartridge at one of their stores. If the numbers on the front and back of the cartridge don’t match, players should be concerned that it’s a fake.
Elden Ring players have recently been discussing if the game is worthy of its high Metascore on Metacritic, and opinions appear to be divided.
It looks like Final Sword will be coming to PlayStation platforms. According to the game’s page on the Japanese PlayStation Store, the game will be released on May 19.
Elden Ring - Give your foes a well-deserved good night's rest with the sleep status and see their sleeping faces. Even a powerful monster is cute when it sleeps.