Weekly Shonen Jump reveals shockingly high manuscript rates for beginner artists 

Shueisha recently revealed their per-page manuscript rates for serialized and one-shot manga published by novice authors in Weekly Shōnen Jump. The decision to officially disclose how much they pay their authors, as well as the surprisingly high sums revealed, have caused a sensation among the public as well as the mangaka community. 

Why a Japanese supermarket letting employees dye their hair is more revolutionary than it may seem

Japanese businesses often have strict rules regarding appearance in the workplace. However, a certain supermarket has changed its policy, allowing its employees more freedom in the way they look and dress. Are Japanese businesses adapting to the times?

Use of “AI actress” in Japanese commercial causes controversy amidst ongoing international strikes in the industry

A Japanese tea company's commercial featuring an AI actress sparks discussion about the ethics of using AI as opposed to human talent. Online users and industry professionals evaluate the pros and cons.

Japan’s first “dictionary of otaku terminology” defines words such as “omegaverse,” met with mixed reactions

A major Japanese publisher announced the release of a comprehensive dictionary of otaku and geek terminology, covering topics such as “common otaku terminology,” K-pop stan terminology, yaoi, Pokémon terminology and similar.

According to survey, nearly 40% of Japanese school kids still wear masks throughout their entire school day, and the main reason isn’t Covid

Nearly 40% of Japanese elementary and middle school students wear face masks throughout the school day. What motivates Japanese youth to continue to wear masks, even when they are no longer mandatory?

Why do Japanese people tend to drop all formality when talking to foreigners even though Japan is so big on being polite?

Why do some Japanese people tend to rely on casual speech to communicate with foreigners? A foreign sociolinguist shares their surprisingly casual conversation at a pharmacy in Japan.

False plagiarism accusations a growing problem in Japan’s anime industry – Sailor Moon director takes legal action, fearing deadly outcome

Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena anime director Kunihiko Ikuhara has taken legal action against a woman who claims he plagiarized her art. Given the recent incidents of attacks by disgruntled fans against creators, it appears that taking precautionary measures to prevent potential tragedies may be necessary.

With Japan’s otaku haven Akihabara soon undergoing redevelopment, some fear it may lose its charm

Is Akihabara about to lose its charm? Some argue that the redevelopment of the 'Electric Town' will cause it to lose its uniqueness.

Japanese supported employment company has disabled users work as animators for major titles, causing controversy 

A supported employment business for disabled persons in Kyoto, Japan has started taking animation production orders, allowing its users to do animation work for popular TV animations. The news has caused mixed reactions among the public, including doubts of exploitation.

Japanese users discuss why some works that were iconic in their heyday tend to feel like imitations over time

Does the overuse of themes in modern works spoil the original content that made them popular? A user discusses why their first time reading the popular Haruhi Suzumiya light novel series felt somewhat lackluster.

Is Japanese manga behind the times? Users discuss if adopting the webcomic format is needed in order for manga to keep up

Is Japanese manga falling behind modern comic formats like webtoons? Comic book fans discuss the pros and cons between the two styles, prompted by the statement that Demon Slayer put Japanese manga behind the times.

Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno takes action against his face being printed on men’s underpants

Japanese director and animator Hideaki Anno has his face printed on bags, blankets, and men's underpants without his permission on Amazon. Online users find the ordeal strange, yet comical as they wonder who the target market would be for such items.

Even in Japan, using a period when texting translates to “I’m pissed”  

In the English-speaking world, using periods at the end of your sentences while texting is more than likely to create the impression that you’re either elderly, angry or a grammar snob, which is why omitting it has become more or less the norm. It turns out, a similar phenomenon exists in Japanese texting culture as well. 

If you’re going to a party in Japan, don’t be late! Here’s why being fashionably late could ruin your reputation

Why do people in Japan have such a strict view of punctuality? Cultural differences between Japan and overseas countries can show us why being tardy in Japan is such a big deal.

Orwellian Japanese social media platform “Dystopia” uses AI surveillance and censoring to prevent cyberbullying 

Japanese web service developer Soudanbako released the beta version of their new social media platform called Dystopia on September 24 for iOS and Android. The app uses AI to censor offensive phrases and prevent cyberbullying.

Why Studio Ghibli becoming a subsidiary of a Japanese broadcasting network isn’t as shocking as it may seem 

Studio Ghibli will become a subsidiary of Nippon TV starting October 6. While the acquisition may be worrying to some, the studio already has a long history of working under another company.

Has anime become mainstream? Popular anime district in Japan depicts the changes within anime culture over the decades

A Japanese user's recent trip to Ikebukuro's popular anime store, Animate, unintentionally reveals the evolution of anime culture. Is anime now mainstream?

Evangelion: giant Lance of Longinus replica to pierce the ground of a park in Japan 

Ube City in Japan, the hometown of Hideaki Anno, director of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, reported that it’s project to create a replica of the Lance of Longinus that appears in the anime is in its final stages.

KyoAni makes steady progress towards recovery after deadly arson attack, culprit shows no remorse 

Four years after the horrific arson incident that took place in a major studio of Kyoto Animation, the culprit is questioned about the case in court, but makes no attempt to apologize or show remorse.

US Stock image site makes both sides of an art theft case in Japan into victims

A Japanese artist gets their illustration stolen by the U.S. stock image site, Big Stock Photos. The internet provider NURO Hikari unknowingly uses the art in their advertisement.

Are people in Japan buying eggs based on how attractive they find their manufacturers? The answer is “yes” for many

Some people in Japan are buying eggs based on the attractiveness of their manufacturers. Does a handsome face on the packaging of produce sell better than those without?

Japanese city’s promotional campaign catches heat for using scantily dressed high school girl mascot

A Japanese city's anime schoolgirl mascot, Haruka Aozora, has online users in a heated debate. Is the character sexualizing girls? Users are split on this controversial character.

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