How to deal with the issue of “too small 2D images” when remastering games? ImageStudio has become a prominent solution 

Interview with CRI Middleware, the developers of the ImageStudio series, which allows 2D image reduction and enlargement while maintaining high quality.

How’d they do it? Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion’s small video sizes and fantastic lip syncing [PR interview]

Square Enix & Tose managed to successfully remaster Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion for a wide range of platforms. We asked the developers about the challenges and innovative approaches taken during the development process. [PR interview]

Like a Dragon: Ishin! devs discuss why they chose Unreal Engine over Dragon Engine [PR interview]

Like a Dragon: Ishin! developers discuss reasons behind choosing Unreal Engine over Dragon Engine. [PR] The game also uses CRI Middleware's sound middleware CRI ADX and high-compression, high-quality movie middleware CRI Sofdec.

Interview with Yoshinori Ono: Why he became president of Lasengle and insights into the future of FGO developers [PR]

Why did Yoshinori Ono become the president of Lasengle, the developer of Fate/Grand Order (FGO)? What did he bring to the company, and what are his goals for the future [developer interview]?

How CRI Middleware’s HCA codec aids the development of Final Fantasy and other Square Enix titles [PR]

[Sponsored Content] From Final Fantasy to Dragon Quest, one of the technologies that has aided Square Enix in creating their game audio over the years is the HCA codec, audio technology that has been developed and maintained over the past 20 years by CRI Middleware. But how exactly does the HCA codec aid Square Enix in their sound development?

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