HARUKA: Beyond the Stars is a new sci-fi RPG from Giraffe and Annika devs

Giraffe and Annika developer atelier mimina has announced HARUKA: Beyond the Stars . The game is due to be released in 2025 for the PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

The Strongest TOFU: fragile adventure is an indie game where you play as tofu

The Strongest TOFU: fragile adventure is an indie game where you embark on an adventure as a fragile piece of tofu. The game is set to launch in 2024 for Steam.

Fight Crab developer shows off a sea lion fighting game prototype

Fight Crab developer recently posted a video of a prototype of a sea lion fighting game. The video features sea lions holding swords in their mouths and fighting in a ring.

Whale Fall is a beautiful UE5 ocean-exploration game coming this summer

UE5 ocean-exploration game Whale Fall will be releasing in summer 2023 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store). Whale Fall is a game where players become marine creatures and travel around its world.

Chilla’s Art announces Night Security, another new horror game in development

Chilla’s Art has announced psychological horror game Night Security for Steam. The store page for the new title describes it as a Japanese psychological horror game about night security.

Chilla’s Art removes The Bathhouse from sale due to game-breaking bug

Chilla’s Art has announced that sales of The Bathhouse are being discontinued. "Unfortunately, we weren't able to find out what is causing the 203 bug."

This unique Switch game uses actual toilet paper to control in-game toilet paper

Give me toilet paper! is a Nintendo Switch game designed to be controlled using a Joy-Con filled toilet paper. The game's developer, Takahiro Miyazawa, is known for making games that use unique custom-made controllers.

Utsuromayu is a Japanese horror game that mixes nostalgia with fear

Nayuta Studio has released gameplay footage of its new horror game Utsuromayu (tentative title). Utsuromayu is an indie horror game set in the Japanese countryside.

Chilla’s Art announces Parasocial, a new horror game about a streamer

Chilla’s Art has announced new horror game Parasocial for Steam. The game is set to be released in 2023. Parasocial is a horror game about a live streamer.

AInder is a Tinder-like date sim with AI-generated girls

AInder is a Tinder-like date sim with AI-generated girls. Players use the fictional dating app AInder to look at AI-generated illustrations of girls and decide whether to “Like” or “Nope” them.

Chilla’s Art to release new horror game The Karaoke on February 3

Chilla’s Art has announced that their upcoming horror game The Karaoke will be available on Steam starting February 3. The Karaoke is a psychological horror game set in a 24-hour karaoke parlor in Japan.

Horror game PIEN & PAON plus has its monsters labeled as nude by Steam

The developer of PIEN & PAON plus revealed that the Steam review has determined the PIEN, the monster of the game, is nude. We spoke with the game's developer to learn more about what this means for the PIEN and the game.

Shinonome is Breath of Fire character designer’s new haunted house roguelike escape game

Shinonome is a roguelike escape game based around the concept of a haunted house in the Edo period. The game was created by WODAN, a studio formed by Kenichi Iwao (FFXIV, Resident Evil) and Tatsuya Yoshikawa (Breath of Fire).

Indie dev promotes Japan’s “Village of Dolls” with a free game

In The Rural Village of Nagoro is a short adventure game based around the story of a real-life person named Tsukimi Ayano. The titular village of Nagoro is famous for the large number of human-sized dolls that are placed all around the town, which is how it got the nickname "Village of Dolls.” Ayano happens to be the person who created all of these dolls.

AI drawing social deduction game AI: Art Impostor enters Steam Early Access

AI: Art Impostor is an AI drawing party game where players try to figure out who’s the impostor artist. Players enter text to generate illustrations using AI. The AI will offer multiple candidates based on the text that was entered and players will choose one illustration to display.

Chilla’s Art announce their latest horror game The Karaoke for Steam

Japanese indie game developer Chilla's Art has opened a Steam page for their new horror game The Karaoke. The game is due out in 2022. The Karaoke is a psychological horror game set in a 24-hour karaoke parlor in Japan.

Umurangi Generation composer teases FIVESEVEN, a new horror game seemingly set in Japan

Composer Adolf Nomura has revealed a teaser trailer for FIVESEVEN, the new game from Umurangi Generation developer Naphtali Faulkner. The teaser begins inside a train and shows text that says, “The Last Train out of Narita.” “Narita” likely refers to Japan’s Narita city, home to the Narita International Airport.

Japanese horror game Noroware Cycle announced with a terrifying trailer

Japanese horror game Noroware Cycle announced with a terrifying trailer. The game takes inspiration from PlayStation 1 cult classics like Twilight Syndrome and Yuuyami Doori Tankentai and the influence can certainly be seen in the setting and game mechanics.

Last Command lets you experience a unique Snake x Bullet Hell genre mix

Last Command is a 2D action game that combines the classic game Snake with bullet hell. In order to attack enemies, it must collect data points that appear throughout each stage. Collected data points can be used to attack enemies but it also increases the length of the crawler just like in a game of Snake.

Elin, a successor to the roguelike RPG Elona, is planned to enter Early Access on Steam

Game developer Noa (Lafrontier) has opened a Steam page for Elin, a successor to the roguelike RPG Elona. According to Noa, the first alpha (early access) for Elin will be released "when the first few hours of the game are fully playable. This will likely be at the end of the year at the earliest."

Get a taste of indie JRPG Meg’s Monster with the newly released Steam demo

Steam demo for Meg’s Monster is now available on Steam. Meg’s Monster is an adventure RPG that tells the story of a young girl who possesses a mysterious power: if she cries, the world will be destroyed. The protagonist, an ogre named Roy, must protect Meg and keep her from crying.

New Chilla’s Art horror game The Bathhouse is due out on September 30

Chilla’s Art has announced that The Bathhouse will be released on Steam on September 30 (PDT). The Bathhouse is a psychological horror game set in a Japanese bathhouse and features a protagonist who gets mixed up in some kind of paranormal phenomenon that occurs there.

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