Anime adaptations that earned the “wrath” of the original manga authors 

In anime adaptations of manga, there have been cases where certain changes to source material brought on the anger of the original manga artists, who didn't hesitate to renounce the adaptations. Conversely, there have been cases in which changes to source material earned positive reactions from audiences.

Parent company of Cygames to delve into research and development of game generation AI

CyberAgent announced the establishment of a “Game AI Lab,” and “Animation AI Lab” through which the company will delve into research and development of generative AI technology for use in the process of game development and animation production respectively.

Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini – miniature console that reproduces the DDR arcade unit at 1/5th scale announced 

Zuiki Inc. announced DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini, a playable 1/5 scale reproduction of the DanceDanceRevolution arcade game. Crowdfunding for the projects will start on October 10.

Is Japanese manga behind the times? Users discuss if adopting the webcomic format is needed in order for manga to keep up

Is Japanese manga falling behind modern comic formats like webtoons? Comic book fans discuss the pros and cons between the two styles, prompted by the statement that Demon Slayer put Japanese manga behind the times.

Touhou isn’t old: 15- to 19-year-olds make up the majority of the fandom even in 2023 

According to the Touhou Project Popularity Poll for 2023, almost 40% of the Touhou fandom is aged 15 to 19 years old, which has caused some shocked reactions throughout the community.

User prompts Bing’s AI to report itself for infringing on Nintendo’s copyrights 

Users have been creating all kinds of images with The Bing Image Creator that uses DALL-E 3, including images of copyrighted characters. One Japanese user decided to make a report to Nintendo about the issue, but made the Bing AI write the report.

Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno takes action against his face being printed on men’s underpants

Japanese director and animator Hideaki Anno has his face printed on bags, blankets, and men's underpants without his permission on Amazon. Online users find the ordeal strange, yet comical as they wonder who the target market would be for such items.

Why devs shouldn’t take player feedback at face value – Japanese players discuss 

Japanese users discuss the correct way for game devs to go about accepting player feedback and incorporating proposed solutions into their games. The topic was prompted by an episode from the development of Dying Light.

Sonic Superstars producers discuss challenges in development, release date overlapping with Mario 

The producers of Sega's Sonic Superstars, Takashi Iizuka of Sega of America and Naoto Oshima of Arzest discuss challenges they were faced with throughout development.

This new AI anime art generator claims to be “clean,” functioning without stolen art

Emi (Ethereal Master of Illustration) is a free to use AI image generator by Japanese developer AI Picasso that claims to be "clean," avoiding the use of stolen and unauthorized images.

Why do people glorify PS2-era graphics? Players who claim they don’t need any better urged to do a reality check

The PS2's graphics performance was groundbreaking for its time, and some players still claim that the console's visuals can hold their own against modern game systems. Is it nostalgia that keeps gamers singing the console's praises, or did the PS2 truly have timeless visuals?

Even in Japan, using a period when texting translates to “I’m pissed”  

In the English-speaking world, using periods at the end of your sentences while texting is more than likely to create the impression that you’re either elderly, angry or a grammar snob, which is why omitting it has become more or less the norm. It turns out, a similar phenomenon exists in Japanese texting culture as well. 

Severe shortage of animators and “post-Covid changes” in the anime industry as told by the director of Studio Trigger  

Studio Trigger managing director, Kazuya Masumoto, speaks about recent changes in workflow and recruitment, influenced largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the field of Production Management.

Only Up! has name hijacked by clone game after being discontinued 

Midnight Games, developer of the title previously known as “Only Multiplayer: Up!” have changed their upcoming game’s name to Only Up!, the name of SCKR Games' now discontinued title.

Fate/Samurai Remnant was meant to be a soulslike at first – producer interview reveals fascinating insight 

In an interview, Fate/Samurai Remnant producer Tomohiko Sho talks about details such as how the game was meant to be a soulslike and why Saber isn't fully playable.

If you’re going to a party in Japan, don’t be late! Here’s why being fashionably late could ruin your reputation

Why do people in Japan have such a strict view of punctuality? Cultural differences between Japan and overseas countries can show us why being tardy in Japan is such a big deal.

Why has the PlayStation brand never been able to create a ‘successful’ original mascot?

Why does PlayStation keep changing their mascot? Nintendo has Mario, Sega has Sonic, but PlayStation seems to have accumulated a team of mascots over the years. Online users discuss why the brand just can't seem to stick to one character.

Could AI replace manga artist assistants? AI startup founder shows “16-page manga completed without drawing,” sparking discussion about loss of human jobs 

Japanese AI startup founder Takahiro Anno introduced his almost fully automated comic generation process, causing discussion about manga artist’s assistants/apprentices potentially being replaced by AI and other effects the use of generative AI technology may have on Japan’s comic industry. 

Orwellian Japanese social media platform “Dystopia” uses AI surveillance and censoring to prevent cyberbullying 

Japanese web service developer Soudanbako released the beta version of their new social media platform called Dystopia on September 24 for iOS and Android. The app uses AI to censor offensive phrases and prevent cyberbullying.

Zenless Zone Zero: What I learned about the new HoYoverse game playing the 15-minute demo at Tokyo Game Show 2023

I played 15 minutes of HoYoverse's Zenless Zone Zero demo at Tokyo Game Show 2023. Here's what I thought about the yet to be released title's gameplay mechanics and character designs.

Hideki Kamiya to leave PlatinumGames on October 12 

Game creator Hideki Kamiya announced on September 25 that he will be resigning from PlatinumGames. The company has also issued an official statement. 

Japanese publisher hosts public panel about the massive commercial failure of their game 

Japanese game publisher D3PUBLISHER hosted a panel dedicated to discussing the commercial failure of their 2023 title ED-0: Zombie Uprising on Tokyo Game Show 2023.

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