The developer of Vivid Knight talks about the upcoming sequel Vivid World, promising new story elements, revamped party-building and more 

The director of Vivid Knight discusses the unexpected success of the game and reveals details about its sequel Vivid World.

Ito Junji interview featuring the developer of WORLD OF HORROR – Ito talks H.P. Lovecraft, adaptations and future work

An interview with horror manga artist Junji Ito and the developer of WORLD OF HORROR. Ito Junji talks about what has influenced him, what scares him and what the wants to write about next.

The Like a Dragon producers talk about how to get people to buy a $70 game (it’s not through TikToks) 

Part two of an interview with the creators of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Masayoshi Yokoyama and Hiroyuki Sakamoto talk about marketing and feedback.

The Like a Dragon series producers talk about the “Don’t change anything” policy they upkeep and fandom behavior that has surprised them 

An interview with the creators of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Masayoshi Yokoyama and Hiroyuki Sakamoto talk influences and fandom behavior.

Why did the creators of Ender Lilies come out with a Survivors-like game? We asked the developers

Interview with Japanese publisher and developer Live Wire about their new twin-stick roguelite shooter titled 9th Sentinel Sisters. The game is currently available in early access on Steam.

An interview with the developers of GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink. Here’s what we can look forward to after its 7-year development

An interview with Tetsuya Fukuhara, general director, and Yasuyuki Kaji, director of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which is scheduled to release worldwide on February 1, 2024.

Interview with Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising’s creative director: What will the upcoming title bring? 

An interview with Tetsuya Fukuhara, creative director of Cygames' upcoming title Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, which is set to release worldwide on November 30, 2023.

Interview with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth: All about the World of Tanks/Warships collaboration

We interviewed thrash metal band, Megadeth's frontman Dave Mustaine. He tells us about the Wargaming x Megadeth collaboration, in-game music created by the band, and talks games and much more.

How to deal with the issue of “too small 2D images” when remastering games? ImageStudio has become a prominent solution 

Interview with CRI Middleware, the developers of the ImageStudio series, which allows 2D image reduction and enlargement while maintaining high quality.

An interview with the art director of Dordogne. What were the ideas and artistic goals behind the unique watercolor visuals? 

We interviewed Cédric Babouche, art director of the 3D narrative game Dordogne, going into the ideas behind the game's story and unique watercolor visuals.

An interview with Yuya Kimura, PSO2: NGS series producer: What made him decide to return to the public eye, and about NGS to this point and into the future

Interview with the Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (NGS) series producer Mr. Yuya Kimura about the reasons behind his decision to return to the public eye after a long period of absence from the media and events. We also discuss the past and future of NGS.

​​​How do game devs deal with negative reviews? We asked the Rusted Moss creators 

Developers of the metroidvania Rusted Moss published by PLAYISM discuss their opinions on negative reviews and open up about how they deal with them.

Kenny Omega & Like a Dragon: Ishin! producer discuss all things Yakuza

AEW star Kenny Omega and Like a Dragon: Ishin! producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto discuss all things Yakuza, including the series' roots and their recent collaboration.

How’d they do it? Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion’s small video sizes and fantastic lip syncing [PR interview]

Square Enix & Tose managed to successfully remaster Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion for a wide range of platforms. We asked the developers about the challenges and innovative approaches taken during the development process. [PR interview]

Like a Dragon: Ishin! devs discuss why they chose Unreal Engine over Dragon Engine [PR interview]

Like a Dragon: Ishin! developers discuss reasons behind choosing Unreal Engine over Dragon Engine. [PR] The game also uses CRI Middleware's sound middleware CRI ADX and high-compression, high-quality movie middleware CRI Sofdec.

Interview with Yoshinori Ono: Why he became president of Lasengle and insights into the future of FGO developers [PR]

Why did Yoshinori Ono become the president of Lasengle, the developer of Fate/Grand Order (FGO)? What did he bring to the company, and what are his goals for the future [developer interview]?

Why did Arc System Works release 87 games on the 3DS? We asked the team that worked on them to find out

Arc System Works is a proven fighting game developer known for series like Guilty Gear and Blazblue. However, the company has also put out a lot of smaller scale download-only titles, including 87 on the 3DS alone. Just why has Arc System Works released so many downloadable games on the 3DS?

Harvestella dev interview: What they decided to change after getting feedback on the demo

Harvestella, a life simulation RPG from Square Enix, is set to release on November 4. For the occasion, we sat down with the game’s developers to learn more about the improvements and additions that have been made since the release of the demo.

Are Japanese Steam reviews more critical? We spoke with 8 publishers to hear their thoughts

Are Japanese Steam reviews more critical? Have publishers noticed the increase in Japanese Steam users? We spoke with 8 publishers, including 11 bit studios, Chucklefish, Humble Games, Paradox Interactive, and No More Robots, to hear their thoughts.

Calme developer interview: A cliffside town adventure game with a hand-drawn flair

Calme is an indie adventure game set in a cliffside town of the same name. Below the steep cliff the town rests on is a dense sea of clouds that covers the land. In Calme, players unravel the mystery of the dangerous cloud sea and learn more about the characters that inhabit this world.

Maid Cafe at Electric Street – Short Interview: Nipponbashi, Japan has what otaku love

Maid Cafe at Electric Street is a café simulation RPG being made by Shanghai developer Adventurer’s Tavern that takes place in Osaka, Japan’s Nipponbashi. The game's protagonist runs a maid café, spending their days with the maids in a colorful pixel art world.

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise developer interview. Cygames’ earnest foray into roguelites

Cygames released their new roguelite action game Little Noah: Scion of Paradise for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam). We sat down with the game’s two directors, Cygames’ Hiroki Matsuura and Grounding’s Kengo Shibata, to talk about how it was created.

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