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Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability

Although AUTOMATON exercises the maximum degree of caution in ensuring our credibility, we cannot guarantee the substance of the content on our website. If an apparent error in the content of the information on our website has been identified, please contact us via the AUTOMATON Contact form.

The content and URLs on our website may be changed and/or deleted without prior notice.

Regardless of the reason, we bear no responsibility for any damages incurred by the User resulting from the following: accessing and/or using this website, transactions related to advertisements published on this website, changes to information on this website, or interruption or suspension of the operations of this website. Any and all settlement fees are the responsibility of the User.

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There is a possibility that portions of the content displayed on this website may not be presented correctly, depending on web browser settings. The User acknowledges this in advance.

Changes to these Terms can and shall be made without the prior consent of the User.


The copyright for our content (including information, data, images, and audio) shall as a rule be held by Active Gaming Media Inc., and secondary uses of the said content without permission, such as reproduction, diversion, and sale, are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, modifications to the said content are not permitted under any circumstances. To propose a secondary use, please contact our inquiry department.

Reproduction of Content from This Website (including information, data, images, and audio)

Unauthorized reproduction of our content for any purpose, commercial or non-profit, regardless of intention and/or format, is not permitted. However, the rights to images and video belong generally to the supplier(s). Furthermore, with regards to quoting our content, the User must act within the bounds of the Universal Copyright Act and their own best judgment.

Prohibited Acts

In addition to the acts prohibited above under the “Copyright” and “Reproduction of Content from This Website (including information, data, images, and audio)” headings, the User must refrain from the following acts when using this website.

1) Acts that violate the law and/or public decency
2) Acts that interfere with the operation of this website, e.g. by increasing traffic or burdening the website servers with a large number of connection requests, etc.
3) Acts that run the risk of interfering with the operations of this website
4) Acts that collect the personal information, etc., of other users
5) Any other acts that our company deems inappropriate

Linking to This Website

Generally speaking, the User is free to link to this website. However, we ask that the User refrain from direct links that lead only to images or video files, as well as from links formatted in such a way that there is a high chance of causing misunderstandings for readers, such as display formats using frames.


In the case that Active Gaming Media Inc. should incur harm due to the illegal actions of the User, our company shall have the right to claim damage compensation from the said User.

Applicable Law/Jurisdiction

These Terms are in conformity with Japanese law. In the case of any legal dispute between Active Gaming Media Inc. and the User, the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first hearing.

In Case of Concerns

Please contact our inquiry department.

Enacted: June 6, 2014
Updated: August 1, 2021