Nintendo Switch Sports brings back Matt, the legendary Mii character

Nintendo released the free summer update for Nintendo Switch Sports on July 26. The update sees the return of Matt, a Mii who is thought to be the most powerful in Wii Sports history. His inclusion was previously noted by Nintendo Life, but a recent tweet about Matt from Nintendo of America has caught the attention of a much larger number of players.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports game that uses the motion sensors contained within the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons to allow players to control the game by moving their bodies. The game includes six different sports, including Volleyball and Soccer. One sport known as Chambara pits Sportsmates/Miis against each other in a one-on-one battle using imitation swords. It makes for a fun back-and-forth struggle as you guard against your opponent’s strikes and patiently await an opening to counterattack. Using two Joy-Cons allows you to fight wielding dual swords.

For those players who seek a more demanding challenge, the game also includes a secret code that unlocks a higher difficulty CPU strength. The code was made public within an August 13 news posting on the game’s official website: “If you’re brave enough to challenge the champions, press the ZR Button + R Button + A Button at the same time on the CPU strength screen while your cursor is on “OK” (or ZL Button + L Button + Right Directional Button).” The opponent that you face in Chambara is Matt.

Matt’s overwhelming power makes him an exceedingly difficult opponent. He possesses a rock-solid defense, unleashes relentless flurries of attacks, and reacts so quickly to your movements that you’ll swear he’s reading your mind. Even the smallest lapse in concentration can prove fatal.

Matt first appeared in Wii Sports, where he served as an opponent in Boxing and inflicted anguish on players with his terrifying strength. He was next seen in Wii Sports Resort as the champion of Swordplay. Here too, he proved a formidable opponent with his incredible power and reaction speed, although his skills are somewhat lacking in other sports like Tennis and Baseball.

Despite not being great at all the sports, the perception of Matt being an almighty foe is deeply ingrained in the minds of players, even to this day. Such is his popularity that he has even been featured in many memes.

Thus, it’s no great surprise that Nintendo of America’s tweet has grabbed the attention of so many. The tweet currently has over 23,000 likes and many agree with Matt’s “legend” status. A player who has already become one of Matt’s victims even gave a word of warning to others, stating, “do not attempt this.”

Using the aforementioned secret code will also allow players to engage in challenging battles against legends in the other sports, too (with the exception of bowling). Those seeking a challenge should give it a try.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-08-13 16:20 JST)