Free flag-making puzzle game Flag Mania is now available

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-05-11 17:41 JST)

Japanese solo game developer Marudice has released a free puzzle game called Flag Mania: Extreme Puzzle x Quiz. The game is being distributed on a Japanese website for Unity projects called unityroom and can be played in a web browser.

Tweet Translation:
New game now available.
I think the only way to end war is through mutual understanding, so I tried making a game where you can have fun learning about national flags! It’s a new game where you gain bits of knowledge about countries as you make their flags.

Flag Mania is a puzzle game where you use colored tiles in a 5×5 grid to make flags. Players move a 2×2 cursor around the playfield which rotates the tiles within it, with the goal of putting together the flag the game tasks you with making. For example, if you line up 3 blue tiles over 3 yellow tiles, you have the two-tone Ukrainian flag. Line up a white, blue, and red tile and you have the Russian flag.

It may look simple at a glance, but the difficulty varies depending on the flag. Flags like France and Germany may take 3 colors and 6 tiles, but flags like Japan with its red circle or Finland with its cross pattern require 9 tiles, making them a bit more difficult. Plus, the number of tile colors that appear on the board increases as you progress. Sometimes you won’t have the tiles needed to make a flag and will have to swap a tile out for a random new one.

Each challenge also has a time limit, so the faster you complete the flag, the better score you will receive. Make a bunch of flags and aim for a high score. The game contains flags from 37 different countries and each country is accompanied with information about it so players can learn more about them the more they play.

Flag Mania was developed for the Unity One Week Game Jam being held by unityroom. The theme for the game jam was “to arrange.” Marudice has released titles such as a social distancing rhythm game where you break up crowds called Mitsudesu Beat Street (which means Crowded Beat Street), the calculation puzzle game EQUALINE, and the puzzle adventure game Treehouse Riddle. Marudice is currently working on a handstand puzzle action game called Invercity (related article).

Flag Mania: Extreme Puzzle x Quiz can be found here on unityroom. The game only supports Japanese.