The buttered cat paradox has been turned into a free puzzle game with Cato

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-05-11 18:03 JST)

Game developer Blasin Ree has released the free puzzle action game Cato to, Alpha Beta Gamer reports.

Cato is a puzzle game based around the so-called “buttered cat paradox.” The buttered cat paradox comes from wondering what would happen when a cat, which is said to always land on its feet, and buttered toast, which is said to always fall buttered side down, are strapped together and dropped. In this case, instead of either falling to the ground, they combine for a gravity defying puzzle mechanic.

The game sees players controlling both a cat and a piece of buttered toast, with the goal of completing each stage. The cat can move left and right but can’t jump. The buttered toast can jump at a fixed angle in each direction but can’t walk. It can also be bounced off walls after jumping.

The cat and the buttered toast are separated at the start of many stages. Ultimately, you need to attach the buttered toast to the cat and bring them to the goal together. While each has their mobility limitations, puzzle elements like pressing buttons to move walls and footholds will lead you along the route of bringing them together. Some puzzles will also require you to control both the cat and the buttered toast at the same time.

After bringing them together, a new ability will be at your disposal by way of the buttered cat paradox. When you attach the buttered toast and cat together, the cat will then be able to jump. And if you repeatedly press the jump button, you can float into the air. With neither cat nor buttered toast touching the ground, you get to see the buttered cat paradox in action. But if you do stop jumping, the cat will land steadily on its feet. Furthermore, the piece of toast can also be launched straight up from the cat’s back, separating the two. This ability can be used to hit buttons placed on the ceiling.

Cato was developed by Blasin Ree’s team when participating in the BOOOM game jam event. It’s a simple and unique concept that is put to great use by the gameplay. But above all else, the cat and buttered toast action is adorable. If you think it sounds fun, give it a try. According to Ree, more content is planned to be added to the game.

Cato can be found here on