Single player social deduction RPG Gnosia is now available on Steam

Japanese indie game publisher PLAYISM has released the Steam version of Gnosia for $24.99. It is available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Gnosia is a single player social deduction RPG developed by the Japanese game studio Petit Depotto. It initially came out in 2019 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan and was ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. The West version launched for the Nintendo Switch in March of 2021. And now you can play the game on PC as well.

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It’s a werewolf-style game with some design adjustments made to make it playable solo. You are one of the crews in a drifting spaceship trapped in a time loop. Your goal is to find out who among the crews is the Gnosia, which is the killer role in this game, and eliminate them by putting them into cold sleep.

Gnosia aims to wipe out humanity and kills off the crews one by one to take over the spaceship. The crews have to prevent that from happening. Sometimes, you get to be the Gnosia yourself or other special roles available in the game, such as Enginner, who can check the brainwaves of one character per day to see if they’re human.

Engage in discussions with other characters, pay attention to what they are saying, and deduce the culprit. As you play more rounds, your character levels up and gains stat boosts, making it easier to sway the flow of conversations to your favor.

Since you’re stuck in a time loop, you are forced to repeat this process over and over again, with different roles assigned to characters each time. You get to learn the characters’ background as you repeat the loop and uncover the mysteries surrounding the loop, spaceship and Gnosia.

The story is pretty darn good as well, utilizing the time loop structure to make an enticing mystery that keeps players engaged. Characters shine, too, with some interesting twists and turns surrounding their circumstances. The game was praised by critics and users alike, receiving a Metascore of 82 and a User Score of 8.5 on Metacritic (Nintendo Switch version).

The Steam version of Gnosia can be found here.

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