Splatoon 3: Update 5.0.0 makes the Zipcaster a one-hit kill weapon 

Nintendo released the Ver.5.0.0 update for Splatoon 3 on August 31. Among the various additions and changes, the adjustments made to the Zipcaster have been causing waves in the community in particular, as they take the weapon to a whole new level. 

The Ver. 5.0.0 update brings reduced recovery times for several Brella-types, makes changes to the specifications of Gear Abilities, and adds new battle stages and weapons in preparation for Drizzle Season 2023, which will begin in September 2023. However, the update made to the Zipcaster has completely changed how players see the weapon. 

The Zipcaster is one of the special weapons in Splatoon 3. When activated, the player’s ink is fully restored, and they transform into an “ink-cloaked acrobat” until their ink runs out. While transformed, the player can sling their tentacle arms by pressing the R button and travel across the field by grappling and jumping walls. Close-range weapons such as the Carbon Roller and Luna Blaster are equipped with the Zipcaster, as well as weapons such as the Slosher Deco and Splatana Stamper. 

The Zipcaster causes damaging explosions upon impact with walls, and the damage dealt depends on the distance traveled. The maximum damage that can be dealt used to be 35 at close range, but with the latest update, the maximum damage has been increased to 45. Since hitting a player while travelling with Zipcaster deals 60 damage to them, a total of 105 damage could potentially be made if the player is also hit by the close-range blast. In other words, thanks to this update, the Zipcaster has become a weapon that can potentially take out an opponent in one hit. 

To begin with, the Zipcaster has the disadvantage of disabling use of sub weapons, meaning one cannot use weapons such as Quick Bombs and Splat bombs to deal casual damage for around 10 seconds while the Zipcaster is in effect. Also, while the Zipcaster provides armor that prevents damage below 100 while travelling using grappling, this armor is only effective after you start travelling. Due to these conditions, the Zipcaster has been regarded as a tricky Special Weapon to use. 

But now, as players try out the new and improved Zipcaster, it’s becoming the main point of excitement, with users calling it a one-hit kill weapon. Players are happy about the Zipcaster becoming a more viable option for defeating opponents but have also developed a new-found fear of having it used on them. Another impressive point seems to be the increased radius of explosion, which some regard as an even more meaningful update. 

According to the patch notes, in addition to the increased blast damage, the radius of explosions has been expanded by about 50%, making it easier to deal damage when grappling, and aim for kills by combining main weapon attacks and repeatedly exposing the opponent to explosions. It has also become possible to attach closer to the ground with the Zipcaster than before, making it easier to maneuver. Overall, the updates this time around will surely make players want to reach for the weapon more often, Ranked Battles included. 

Unfortunately, none of the new weapons for 2023 Fall Drizzle Season are equipped with the Zipcaster. However, it will be interesting to see what kind of effect the enchanced weapon will have in future seasons. 

Splatoon 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch, with a 1st anniversary event scheduled to begin on September 9. 

Written by. Amber V based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-08-31 16:40 JST)


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