One button indie action game JETMAN launches July 14

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-06-04 14:51 JST)

Japanese game developer Montblanc Hatch has announced that JETMAN will be released on July 14 (JST) for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

JETMAN is an action game that you play using only one button. The hero of the game, JET, is a semi-android who fights against the evil organization VIOLETS in order to put a stop to their ambitions.

The only action that JET can perform is a jump attack that is used to defeat enemies in the air. You can alter the height of each jump by changing the amount of time that the button is held down. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just recklessly perform large jumps over and over again, as perfectly matching the height of your jump with the location of the enemy will result in a much more powerful attack.

Beside each enemy is a counter that displays a number. When this counter reaches zero, the enemy will strike JET with an attack. Since there are no commands to avoid or block these attacks, the key to success is to “get them before they get you.” There are also some enemies who move from left to right or up and down, which can make it difficult to hit them. It is therefore necessary to learn the unique traits of each enemy while finding the correct timing and optimal height to strike them with your jump attack.

Defeating enemies will award JET with JP (Junk Points), which he can use to improve his attack power, HP, auto-shield, and more. In addition, JET can also obtain microchips that can be used to further enhance his abilities as a clear bonus for defeating bosses. It is possible to equip a maximum of four chips at once.

JETMAN is a solo project that has been created over one and a half years by Japanese game developer Montblanc Hatch. The game will also include an additional mode that can be enjoyed after completing the main story.

The Steam page for JETMAN can be found here.