Deck-building horror game Playable Mockup coming to Steam May 25

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-05-19 18:47 JST)

Japanese solo game developer 727 Not Hound has announced that Playable Mockup is coming to Steam on May 25. The game will cost roughly 500 yen (around $4).

Playable Mockup is a 3D deck-building horror game about exploring an infinitely looping corridor. The setting of the game is the Dead Soul Corridor which was created from a ghost photo. Players will take pictures to solve puzzles with the goal of advancing time in the corridor from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

But taking photographs requires film, and if you run out of film, you’re returned to the Gallery Room at the beginning of the corridor with the time reset back to 12:00 p.m. It’s impossible to reach your goal with just the film you’re given when starting the game.

You can also gain new abilities by taking pictures of the objects and paintings within the corridor. For example, taking a picture of the “Fast Clock” will advance time by 60 minutes and taking a picture of the ocean painting will increase the amount of film you have. Gathering these images, or building your deck so to speak, is how you will tackle the corridor.

The corridor contains creepy monsters that will harm players, so treading carefully is essential. One enemy is the Doppelganger which will die if a photo is taken of it, requiring players to watch their step as they take pictures.

Screenshots from the free version of Playable Mockup

Developer 727 Not Hound has released a number of free horror games up to this point. As the name suggests, Playable Mockup is a playable prototype of a game still in development. The Playable Mockup coming to Steam is an enhanced version of the free Playable Mockup that’s available on the Japanese website Freem! with additional photography subjects and balance changes.

Playable Mockup can be found here on Steam. 727 Not Hound is currently developing a new game called Photogenic Minds based on Playable Mockup (related article).