Bandai Namco’s free co-op action game Goonect to release on May 27

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-04-26 17:01 JST)

Publisher Phoenixx has announced that Goonect will launch for free on Steam May 27. The game only supports Japanese.

Goonect is a two-player cooperative 3D action game that’s being developed by GYAAR Studio, Bandai Namco Studios’ indie game label. Players can team up with a friend or get matched with a random player online as they each control one of the two cute blue and yellow characters that progress through stages while holding hands.

The stages themselves have a fun and colorful atmosphere based on a toy room. However, many obstacles lie in wait as players work together to reach the end. Overcoming steps, jumping over incoming objects, carrying items, and clearing large gaps. If players get too far apart while taking on these challenges, their hands will separate which means it’s game over.

Goonect forces players to be in sync and cooperate. And it requires more than just jumping in unison. For example, to climb a tall ledge one player can climb on the other like a step and then pull the other player up once they reach the top. Your connected hands also stretch and retract like rubber. Some gimmicks may require you to stretch to create tension and then use the force that pulls you back together to overcome them.

When a stage is complete, your Nakayoshi-do (Friendship Level) is calculated based on criteria like clear time and how many times you died. You can also see a ranking of your Friendship Levels with other players to know which partners you’re closest with.

The game is being developed by GYAAR Studio, a label that Bandai Namco Studios established to help develop talent. Goonect is the second title from the label after Survival Quiz CITY, and was made by new recruits in training at the studio who handle everything from project planning to development.

Goonect can be found here on Steam.