“Record & Restore” puzzle action FILMECHANISM is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Written by. Ryuki Ishii partially based on the original Japanese article

Japanese publisher Phoenixx has released their new 2D puzzle action game FILMECHANISM for PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch. A free demo version is currently available on Steam as well.

FILMECHANISM is a puzzle game with 8-bit style graphics and sounds. It has a unique “Record and Restore” mechanic that lets players record their actions and restore the state of level to the point where the recording was started.

Let’s say you have to cross a falling floor to grab a key and come back. Normally, it would be a one-way ticket since the floor will fall once you step on it, and there’ll be no floor left to cross on your way back. This is where the Record and Restore mechanic comes in. Start the recording before crossing the falling floor for the first time and use the restore function on your way back. The floor will come back, allowing you to step on it again.

Of course, things will get more complicated than that as you progress through stages. There are numerous gimmicks placed in each stage such as spiked block, spring floor, number door, and more. There are over 200 stages for you to conquer. There’s also a feature that provides hints in case you get stuck on certain puzzles.

This work was originally called REC. It was initially developed for a game jam event in Japan and later turned into a full game with a brand-new name. You can still check out the original REC on unityroom, a distribution platform for games made in Unity.

FILMECHANISM is currently available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.