Guile finally gets eyebrows in Street Fighter 6 after 31 long years

Capcom unveiled a new Street Fighter 6 trailer and revealed that fan-favorite Guile was coming to the roster, but there was something about the character than fans couldn’t look away from. His eyebrows. Until now, Guile has been consistently eyebrowless in Street Fighter games.

Elden Ring players discover how to kill Melina during gameplay, even if only temporarily

Elden Ring’s Melina, an important character that helps players across their journey, has been killed by a cruel Tarnished. While it’s normally not possible to attack Melina, with a bit of ingenuity, a method for defeating her was discovered.

Japanese-themed co-op horror game Malice officially announced for Steam

Malice is a first-person horror game set in Japan. The game will support 2-player co-op and push players’ observation and reasoning skills as they try to progress.

Absurd action game I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi! is coming to Steam on June 22

I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi! is a 3D action game about eating sushi to stay alive. A man turns his love of sushi into strength and sets off to save sushi. By eating more sushi, the man will rescue both sushi and himself.

Embark on a virtual trip with Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto, coming to Steam on June 23

Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto is based around the Eizan Electric Railway, which runs through the city of Kyoto and even to beautiful mountainous areas. Featuring Full HD live action footage and information regarding tourist spots along the way, playing the game is somewhat like going on a virtual trip.

7 copies of the same game mysteriously appear on the PS Store in Japan

The PlayStation Store in Japan currently has 7 copies of the same game called Super Impossible Road available on its storefront. Between the PS4’s three copies and the PS5’s four copies it makes for a  comical sight considering they’re all almost identical. So what’s going on?

One indie game developer saw surprising sales numbers on Nintendo Switch and spoke about their success

Japanese indie game developer Hikari Itsuki recently took to Twitter to say that the Nintendo Switch version of their new game Magic Potion Millionaire sold “startlingly well.” Just how well did it sell and what was the reason behind the success? We reached out to Itsuki to find out.

Hideki Kamiya says those who played Bayonetta 1 and 2 will get 100 times more enjoyment out of Bayonetta 3

It sounds like Bayonetta 3 is going to have deep story connections with the first two titles in the series for experienced fans to enjoy. The game’s executive director Hideki Kamiya recently took to his personal Twitter account to discuss the topic which we’re going to break down here.

What drives this creator of viral Pokémon fanart to continue making new works

What drives pokeyugami, the creator behind the recent viral first-gen Pokémon videos to continue producing works? We reach out directly to learn more.

Why Chinese games undergo “maintenance” during Tiananmen Square anniversary month

In China, any activity or information that relates to the Tiananmen Square Incident is strictly prohibited. Naturally, these strict measures also extend to video games. At the beginning of June, the majority of games go into a fixed maintenance period.

Acquire’s “DesiredGameRevival” hashtag gets flooded with posts unrelated to Acquire’s games

Acquire’s “復活してほしいゲーム”(DesiredGameRevival) hashtag gets flooded with posts unrelated to Acquire’s games. It can be difficult to squeeze context into a hashtag, and users that just happened to see the hashtag without knowing where it came from would have no idea it was originally meant to be about Acquire games.

Former pro LoL player iSeNN arrested on suspicion of indecent act against a 15-year-old girl

Japan’s Metropolitan Police Department​ has arrested Takahito Ogawa, a former professional gamer who went by the name iSeNN, on suspicion of violating the Child Welfare Act. According to the police investigation, Ogawa is suspected of committing an indecent act against a 15-year-old high school girl.

One button indie action game JETMAN launches July 14

JETMAN will be released on July 14 (JST) for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. JETMAN is an indie action game that you play using only one button.

Cave to acquire Monster Strike developer for around $40 million

Cave Interactive will be acquiring Deluxe Games for 5 billion yen (roughly $38 million) , making the Monster Strike developer a subsidiary of the long-standing shmup developer. One point that is especially interesting is Yoshiki Okamoto’s deep ties to both companies.

How do you pronounce “Mario”? A linguist gives his thoughts on the topic

There is a difference in the way that the name of Nintendo’s mascot character, Mario, is pronounced in American English compared to British English. Thomas from the YouTube channel Thomas Game Docs has enlisted the assistance of a linguist in investigating the correct way to pronounce the name.

Was that Li-Fen in the Street Fighter 6 trailer? Fans seem to think so

Was that Li-Fen in the Street Fighter 6 trailer? Fans seem to think so. She has appeared in a number of previous games in the series and is heavily involved in Chun-Li’s storyline. Chun-Li’s character profile for Street Fighter 6 mentions that she looks after Li-Fen and that they enjoy going shopping together.

Chinese game company admits it infringed Koei Tecmo’s copyrights

Koei Tecmo Games has announced that a settlement has been reached with the Chinese game developer Hangzhou Jedi Technology regarding a lawsuit they brought against the company for copyright infringement.

Fans admire Ryu’s nipples after the latest Street Fighter 6 trailer

Capcom released a new Street Fighter 6 trailer during June 2’s State of Play presentation. Among the introduction of new mechanics and game modes, there was something else fans couldn’t keep their eyes off of. Ryu’s nipples.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer predicted because Masuda got a haircut

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer was predicted because series director & producer Junichi Masuda got a haircut. “To know Masuda is to know Pokémon,” says Pulnaref, a fan who studies the words and actions of Masuda.

Learn Japanese etiquette with the novel game Manner Battler Rei

Manner Battler Rei is a short novel game where players can learn about Japan’s intricate ceremonial and business etiquette. The game takes place in a world with Manner Battles, competitions where competitors point out manner mistakes.

Game developers wonder if it’s time to move away from the term “Easy Mode”

Game developer Taro Masuda recently took to Twitter to ask gamers how they felt about the term “Easy Mode” on difficulty selection screens and if it gives them an unpleasant feeling.

After He Was Gone is a tactical RPG without a level-up system

Japanese solo game developer Nono has released the demo version of After He Was Gone on Steam. The game is a tactical RPG that has no level-up system and instead focuses on the use of items and skills.