“Maid of The Dead” sexy zombie shooter coming to Steam on March 1 

Japanese indie developer Qureate announced that Maid of The Dead will release for the PC (Steam) on March 1. The game will be available in English, Japanese and Chinese. 

Maid of The Dead is a multidirectional shooting game in which you control gun-slinging anime maids and fight to subdue a zombie outbreak in Akihabara, Japan. The outbreak was caused by a mysterious virus that turns humans into zombies, and the staff of a maid cafe, wielding heavy firearms, is tasked with restoring peace. 

Gameplay consists of fighting the zombie swarms that come for you. As you level up, you will unlock new skills at random, such as being able to fire missiles and control drones. Recruiting “stray maids” to your team and training them to help you fight zombies is also a big part of Maid of the Dead’s gameplay. This is done by shooting “Unity Bullets” at maids undergoing zombification and using points earned in-game to level them up with items. 

Maid of The Dead comes with a mature content warning. Aside from violence and gore, the game will also include provocative scenes – when maids receive consecutive damage, their already revealing clothes are gradually destroyed, showing skin. The female cast will be voiced in Japanese. 

Maid of the Dead is planned to release on March 1 for the PC (Steam). 

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