CG company gifts employees PS5s so they can see their names in the credits

A tweet from a representative at the Japanese visual design company Glitz Visuals has been gaining traction online. The tweet from Takumu Eguchi stated that every employee at the company was gifted a PlayStation 5. The standard PS5 model is around $500 and isn’t cheap for a game console. We reached out to Eguchi to find out why they gave out such a gift.

Tweet Translation:
Our company gets a lot of game-related work, but most of our employees don’t own a PS5. We decided to gift each employee, including interns, with their own PS5! We aim to be a company that’s easy to work for.

Glitz Visuals is a company that works in all aspects of CG from games (especially backgrounds, lighting, and cutscenes) to anime, dramas, and virtual production.

As for why they gave PS5 consoles to the staff,  Eguchi says they want their employees to find their names in the credits of things they work on. Glitz Visuals explains that 70% of what they’ve worked on has been for games released on PS5 but that most of the staff didn’t have a way to play the games they were involved with.

To Eguchi, an artist seeing their name in the credits of a game or movie is a priceless experience. They want their employees to treasure finding their names in the credits and decided to give everyone a PS5 so they could do so.

However, Eguchi says that isn’t the only reason. Looking back on the company’s first year since it was founded in April of 2022, the small company also wanted to express gratitude to employees who chose to work there with more than just words.

When we asked how they went about providing the consoles, it sounded like a system where the company lends them out. If an employee leaves within 3 years, they ask that the console be returned. Employees that stick around more long term do not have to return their consoles. There aren’t really any restrictions on how employees use their consoles, and those who already owned a PS5 were given Amazon gift cards.

Glitz Visuals has 6 full-time employees and around 15 total staff members when including independent contractors and interns. While it’s certainly a small company, gifting everyone a PS5 would come out to be a big expense. Still, Eguchi says it’s worth it if the staff are happy.

Glitz Visuals provides other perks as well such as letting staff members see one movie a month for free and covering half of meal expenses for remote employees. Additionally, they provide up to 50,000 yen (roughly $380) for employees working on their own independent productions. While the company hasn’t been around for long, they already offer quite a variety of benefits for their employees.

As the entertainment industry continues to grow, creators are in demand in a variety of fields. Managers are probably working hard to figure out how to keep employees happy and satisfied.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-03-26 12:51 JST)