Splatoon 3: Shiver’s clothing can become transparent under certain conditions

Splatoon 3 players have discovered that Shiver’s clothing can become transparent under certain conditions.

Shiver is a member of the band Deep Cut, alongside fellow characters Frye and Big Man. She serves a wide range of roles, including delivering map announcements as a radio DJ and appearing in the game’s Hero Mode. If you head to the studio at the side of the lobby, you will be able to see the three Deep Cut members enjoying a lively chat.

Recently, there have been reports from players on social media who have found that Shiver’s clothing can become transparent. The method is quite simple and involves looking at Shiver through the body of a Jellyfish or other translucent items. Likely due to both the popularity of the character and how easy it is to pull off, you can find many players on social media who have all jumped at the chance to try this method for themselves upon hearing the rumors.

I (the original author of this article) also tried it out after hearing about it. Those who wish to use a Jellyfish should first find one near the Anarchy Splatcast studio. If there aren’t any there, then you should be able to find some in front of the lobby.

The next step is to use your own character to push the Jellyfish to the front of the studio. Now, find the most translucent part on the outer edge of the Jellyfish’s body and look at Shiver through it while in first-person view. You will then be able to see the upper part of Shiver’s body wearing only a sarashi (chest wrap). It is admittedly a bit of a pain to find the best position because the Jellyfish will move around, and you cannot move the player character’s position while in first-person view.

As is apparent from the screenshot below, her outer clothing has become transparent, but it does not mean that you can see her sensitive areas. All you really see is the sarashi that already partly shows even when she has all her clothing.

I was also curious about whether it would work on Frye as well, so I gave it a try. Unfortunately, the technique did not produce the same kind of readily apparent difference in her case. I looked long and hard for any changes, but all I noticed was that Frye’s translucent yellow shawl that she wears over her shoulders seemed to have disappeared.

Aside from transparent clothing, some players on social media have found instances where their character would become half-naked. Players have witnessed this phenomenon both in battle and while in town. You can rest assured that even in these cases, players are still unable to see anything that would be deemed indecent (at least I assume so).

Similar transparency bugs have been found in a number of other games in recent years, but most get fixed via a future update. Transparent or disappearing clothing in Splatoon 3 may soon become a thing of the past as well. 

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-09-17 15:46 JST)