Genshin Impact characters get ranked based on pixiv post count

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-05-10 13:42 JST)

One Reddit user has posted charts showing the popularity of Genshin Impact characters based on how much art of the character has been posted to pixiv.

pixiv is an online community for artists where users can post illustrations and manga, as well as bookmark posts by other users. The site also contains tons of video game fanart, with Genshin Impact submissions exceeding 220,000 as of this writing.

Reddit user HYthinger has posted charts that show the total amount of artwork for each character and how much of it is NSFW content, with a chart sorting by the total of each. Rather than a tier list or usage list, it’s ultimately an attempt to figure out which characters are being drawn the most.

First, the character that has received the most fanart is Ganyu with a nearly 4,000 submission lead over second-place finisher Raiden Shogun. Ganyu is recognized as a high-level attacker and popular even among 5-star characters. She also wears a tight-fitting black body suit and has a charming look that likely contributes to her popularity on the visual front. The amount of support she gets from fans also seems evident when looking at the number of submissions to pixiv. Other top-ranking characters include Keqing, Hu Tao, and Lumine (the female Traveler). As for male characters, we can see the likes of Zhongli and Tartaglia in the top 10.

image credit: HYthinger on Reddit

In the NSFW category, characters like Ganyu, Raiden Shogun, and Keqing are still in the top spots, but male characters like Zhongli and Tartaglia appear to take big drops in the rankings. What’s especially interesting, though, is looking at how much of a character’s total artwork is made up of NSFW pieces, which changes up the top rankings considerably. Sorting characters this way puts Lisa in the top spot by a wide margin. After that, we can see Jean, Rosaria, Mona, and Sara rounding out the top 5. Starting with Lisa, these characters look comparatively older than the others, with NSFW artwork making up 30% or more of their totals.

image credit: HYthinger on Reddit
image credit: HYthinger on Reddit

This data is limited to the pixiv community, so it can’t be taken as an absolute poll on which characters are the most popular, but it’s certainly interesting to look at their popularity from the perspective of how much fanart they receive.