Elden Ring patch 1.04 fixes bleed dogs, illusory walls, and issues with hacked panties

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: JST)

It looks like the latest Ver.1.04 patch for Elden Ring has fixed two longstanding bugs in the game, according to Zullie the Witch.

Elden Ring is the latest action RPG from FromSoftware. The game is very difficult overall and contains a number of downright fierce enemies. Among them are the unexpectedly dangerous dogs that appear around the mid-game and inflict players with the bleed status effect when they attack. While they aren’t that strong per say, their erratic movements and successive attacks have been tough for players to contend with. A certain aspect of these dogs’ attacks would do an unusual amount of damage, causing players to die after only a few hits. However, according to Zullie the Witch’s testing, this damage is greatly reduced with the new patch.

Next are the walls that took tens of hits to make disappear. Elden Ring’s dungeons contain a number of gimmicks, with illusory walls being one of them. Many players have likely gone around hitting walls repeatedly looking for these disappearing ones. There are even instances of players leaving messages behind to trick others into hitting normal walls over and over again. Normally, these walls would disappear after just an attack or rolling into it. But due to a bug, there were some that required more than 40 hits to open.

With this latest update, these walls have been made to not disappear, so there’s no need to repeatedly bash suspicious looking walls over and over going forward (though finding these multi-hit illusory walls wasn’t required for progression to begin with).

The patch notes also mention that they “Fixed a bug that allowed unauthorized items to be passed to other players.” This is likely related to players receiving ban warnings for picking up cut content items (Deathbed Smalls) which were dropped by other players (related article).

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