A puzzle game inspired by Resident Evil 4’s inventory management announced

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-04-15 12:02 JST)

Fractal Projects has announced Save Room – Organization Puzzle. The game is scheduled to release on Steam April 28.

Save Room – Organization Puzzle is a puzzle game based on managing your inventory. Your inventory is represented as a grid, with items of different sizes that need to be fit into it like a puzzle.

As you might have gathered from the above explanation, the game is inspired by the inventory system in Resident Evil 4. In that game, players acquire a variety of items that need to be fit into their attache case for easy carrying. However, there’s a limit to the number of weapons and healing items you can hold and it’s important to maximize space to squeeze in as many items as possible, making it kind of like a puzzle game.

In Save Room – Organization Puzzle, that almost minigame-like inventory management system has become the focus of an entire game. The goal is to fit all your items into your inventory. From large items like rifles, handguns, and rocket launchers, to smaller items like herbs, ammo, and gun powder, each item must be fit into your limited inventory grid.

There are a few techniques you will need to use for proper item management. For example, if you have an unloaded gun, you can reload it to reduce the ammunition you need to store. If herbs are taking up space, it’s possible to combine them into medicine to better use your space. If your health is low, you can then use that medicine to heal and get it out of your inventory entirely. You can also turn gun powder into ammo and then reload your weapons. Players need to consider the best order to perform their actions in order to reach the correct solution. The game consists of 40 different handmade puzzles.

Fractal Projects, the developer behind Save Room – Organization Puzzle, has already released a handful of games, including the cat bathing puzzle game How to Bathe Your Cat and the checkers inspired puzzle game Samurai Cat. While Save Room – Organization Puzzle takes inspiration from Resident Evil 4, it looks like a release that will take advantage of the team’s puzzle making know-how.

Save Room – Organization Puzzle can be found here on Steam.