Turn an ordinary girl into the savior of the world in The World According to Girl

Japanese indie developer yondray is set to release The World According to Girl on February 23 JST. The developer describes the game as a “deck-building roguelike caring game,” and it looks to have visual novel elements as well with multiple endings based on how you play.

The World According to Girl is about raising a single child to become a savior. The game takes place over 100 years in the future where the world is on the brink of destruction, and humanity has placed all its hope in a little girl that they plan on launching into space. We previously covered the game in November of 2021 before it had a localized name and confirmed English release, but it now looks like it will support both English and Japanese when it launches February 23 on Steam.

You play as the “administrator” responsible for raising this unwitting, regular child into the perfect human. The only town on the planet is constructed as the location for the child to grow up, and the player must also manage the town while raising her.

The game takes place over the course of 7 year-long cycles that are comprised of 6 seasons (turns) each, so you have 42 turns to raise humanity’s savior. The town is made of multiple districts such as the residential district, the entertainment district, and the commercial district. By revitalizing these districts, the liveliness of the town will have an impact on the girl and raise her stats.

But simply making districts more and more lively will cause them to become fatigued. Not only do districts need time to rest and recover, but making them too lively can also cause the girl to catch on to the plan. It’s important to make the girl feel like it’s as normal of a town as possible.

The personnel you hire while managing the town are also important as you receive perks for hiring groups of people and assigning them to districts. Magnetic storms and other disasters can also threaten the town, so finding the right people for the job to prepare for when disaster strikes is crucial.

At the end of each year, the child must pass an aptitude test to ensure the continuation of the plan. Meeting certain conditions while playing will let you earn MP (Memory Points), which will allow the girl to obtain memories such as “Memory of the festival” or “Memory of summer rain” by consuming them. These memories are tied to stats like intellect and affection.

Between managing the girl’s stats, managing the city, hiring personnel, gathering memories, and making decks with those memories, the game is composed of a lot of different gameplay elements. In our time with the demo, we found a lot of this information was dumped on the player up front which made it difficult to grasp everything. However, other aspects of the game such as its world building and artwork were highly polished.

The World According to Girl is scheduled to launch on Steam February 23.