TrinityS demo brings boss rush co-op action to Steam

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-02-21 09:58 JST)

Indie-us Games has released a demo of TrinityS on Steam. The demo contains two stages and can be played online or with AI companions.

TrinityS is a top-down cooperative action game where players form a three-person party consisting of a DPS, a tank, and a healer to take on a boss rush. As the game’s world is plagued by the appearance of monsters and strange weather, the game’s three playable characters notice something is amiss from their remote region and set out on their journey. There’s Grey, the hot-headed warrior and tank of the group, the solitary wizard Emile who uses magic to damage foes, and Bell, the village shrine maiden who acts as the group’s healer. In TrinityS, this group of three combine their abilities to take on powerful bosses.

Each character has passive skills and three active skills that correspond with their roles. Grey for example has passive skills to increase his defenses while standing still and active skills to attract the attention of enemies. Or Bell, who has passive skills to heal an ally while standing still and active skills to create healing areas. Each player will control one character while relying on other players to fill the other roles.

The demo of TrinityS contains 2 stages. The first stage is a small arena surrounded by lava against a rock monster type of boss. Attacks and attack ranges are telegraphed beforehand, but in addition to taking heavy damage, there are also gimmicks that can wipe the party if not handled appropriately.

But moving to avoid attacks and gimmicks will also deactivate any passive skills that are active when standing still, so it’s important to economize movement to avoid death and get the maximum effectiveness from your skills. Defeating bosses also rewards players with new skills, and it sounds like it will be possible to customize your skill loadouts. TrinityS includes online multiplayer for up to three friends, quick match for partying up with other players randomly, and solo play with 2 AI partners.

TrinityS developer Indie-us Games is a company out of Osaka, Japan that specializes in Unreal Engine 4 and has been a development partner on a number of games, including Scarlet Nexus. This will be the company’s first time using the engine for an original project.

The TrinityS demo is now available on Steam. The game is planned to enter Early Access in spring of 2022.