Miniature card game MIYAMOTO S to release on Steam this year

The Nintendo Switch version is set to launch in 2022

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-11-08 17:47 (JST)
Translated by. Ryuki Ishii

Japanese solo game developer hideki hanida announced MIYAMOTO S on November 6. It will be released on PC (via Steam) in 2021 and on the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

MIYAMOTO S is a turn-based card game that takes place in a miniature world and is a port of the original MIYAMOTO released for iOS in 2018. According to a recent tweet from the developer, the S stands for Steam, Switch, and Shiba Inu. The last one, Shiba Inu, will be added to the new version of the game as a new unit card.

Each turn, the player deploys units on a 4×4 board using cards from their hand and wins the battle by defeating the opponent’s leader unit (Master). Your ultimate objective is to defeat the final Master, MIYAMOTO.

Each unit has different stats for attack and health, along with a special ability. For example, a bandit can draw 2 additional cards when deployed, and a princess unit can increase her attack power by the number of allied units. Each Master also has a special ability, and besides all the unit cards, there are spell cards as well. In the main game mode, you get to choose a reward card from three choices when you win a battle, so choose wisely and build a deck to your liking.

There’s no cost management required, and you can place as many units per turn as you like. It is simply a matter of where you place them and how you move your units.

The game is being developed by hideki hanida. According to this video interview by asobu, hanida used to make paper animations before becoming a game developer. hanida currently works as a mobile game developer at their day job.

* hanida recently released an iOS game called Fallen of the Round, which also features miniature like setting.

MIYAMOTO S is set to launch on Steam in 2021, and on Nintendo Switch in 2022. The iOS version of MIYAMOTO is currently available for $2.99