Splatoon 3’s Splatfest Top 100 results: Sloshing Machine and Splash-o-matic make up half of the top-ranking players in Japan

Splatoon 3’s first Splatfest since launching has now come to a close. The Splatfest saw team Gear, team Grub, and team Fun battle it out over what they would bring to a deserted island, with Gear taking the top spot, followed by Fun and Grub. Along with the results, the weapons used by the top-ranking players on each team have also been garnering attention.

The Splatfest results in Splatoon 3 can be seen within the Nintendo Switch Online app on iOS and Android via SplatNet 3. In addition to the percentage of votes for each team, a Top 100 list for each team based on their accumulated Splatfest Power is also available. This list shows both the players and the weapons they used.

Based on the data I (the original author of this article) have gathered regarding Japan’s results, each team had at least 4 Sloshing Machine players in the top 10. Looking at the entire Top 100 list, we can see the Sloshing Machine was used by 23 players for Gear, 35 players for Grub, and 33 players for Fun, adding up to 91 players in total.

The Sloshing Machine was closely followed by the Splash-o-matic with 32 players on Gear, 22 players on Grub, and 28 on Fun using the weapon for a total of 82. These two weapons alone made up at least half of the Top 100 for each team.

The Sloshing Machine, which the top player from each team in Japan used, is a versatile weapon that the community has considered strong since the game’s release. Because of its design, Japanese players have affectionately dubbed it “sentakuki” or “the washer.”

The Splash-o-matic is a rapid fire, high precision weapon. While its range is limited, its strength lies in mobility. With a good balance between attacking and covering territory, it’s not surprising to see it used by so many top-ranking players.

Moving to Europe’s results, we can see the Sloshing Machine was only used by one player in the top 10 for team Gear and doesn’t show up at all in the top 10 for the other teams. The Splash-o-matic was used by 4 players in the top 10 across all three teams. Compared to Japan, the weapons used by the top players seems to be more varied.

Moving to the America, Australia, and New Zealand region, there were 6 Sloshing Machine players and 3 Splash-o-matic players when combining each team’s top 10 together. These two weapons appear to have seen more use in this region when compared to Europe.

Another interesting point is the number of shooting weapons like the Splattershot that made the list and how there are no brush or roller weapons in the top 10. Maybe this is due to shooting games being more popular in the region.

Since the launch of Splatoon 3, players in Japan have been calling the Sloshing Machine a powerful weapon. These rumors may have contributed to the weapon’s accelerated popularity in the country. At any rate, it’s interesting to see the different trends in weapon usage by region.

These Splatfest Top 100 results are based on the results of Pro mode, where players gain and lose Splatfest Power based on their wins and losses. All of the players that crack the Top 100 are likely very skilled, so these results could be seen more as what’s popular among the competitive crowd.

Additionally, Splatfest matches are generally Turf Wars, so the Sloshing Machine and Splat-o-matic may not be the most suitable weapons for other modes.

Splatoon 3 offers a variety of different weapons for players to use and it’s important to try them out to find what works best for you. New seasons are also slated to begin every three months which will add new weapons to the mix. We may see the power balance shift once they’re added.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-09-26 18:12 JST)