Hideki Kamiya says those who played Bayonetta 1 and 2 will get 100 times more enjoyment out of Bayonetta 3

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-06-07 20:20 JST)

It sounds like Bayonetta 3 is going to have deep story connections with the first two titles in the series for experienced fans to enjoy. The game’s executive director Hideki Kamiya recently took to his personal Twitter account to discuss the topic which we’re going to break down here. Please be aware this article may contain light spoilers.

Bayonetta 3 is an action game being developed by PlatinumGames and a follow-up to 2009’s Bayonetta and 2014’s Bayonetta 2. The series is known for its exhilarating action where players take control of the alluring witch Bayonetta, but also features a story for players to enjoy that pushes beyond the bounds of time itself. Alongside the plot’s astonishing developments is a carefully crafted setting and foreshadowing to pull the player forward.

The consistent force behind the series’ scenario is Hideki Kamiya. While Kamiya’s role between the games has changed, his central involvement in the story has not. And on June 7, Kamiya took to Twitter to discuss the story saying, “if you’ve played the past titles, I think you will enjoy Bayonetta 3 100 times more.”

According to Kamiya, the stories of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 were intentionally made so that the stories of either could be enjoyed no matter which one you played first. As for Bayonetta 3, the scenario was written under the assumption that players will have played the previous games. Kamiya explains that awareness of the series has spread adequately far among gamers, so he wanted to add more depth to the world of Bayonetta.

Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 contain stories that can be enjoyed on their own and are put together in such a way that players without previous knowledge going in won’t be left behind. However, the two are firmly connected, though in a somewhat particular way. No matter which one you play first, things will still click once you reach the climax. Their connections are different from simply being just a continuation of the story, while still leaving breadcrumbs for those who have played both.

Based on Kamiya’s comments, Bayonetta 3 may continue the developments of both games while pushing the overall story forward. It’s also possible that it may lay even more groundwork for the series.

Kamiya’s tweets drew in lots of reactions from excited fans as well. In addition, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai tweeted an image of Bayonetta who is featured in the game. Kamiya responded with, “Masahiro… making such a post with this kind of timing,” getting Bayonetta fans even more excited.

Bayonetta 3 is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch in 2022. However, Kamiya has mentioned that he has no control over the game’s launch day. With these recent tweets, it sounds like Kamiya wants players to use this time to play the first two games so they’re prepared when Bayonetta 3 rolls around.

Bayonetta is available on PC (Steam), PS3/PS4 (Bayonetta & Vanquish), Xbox 360/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S (through backwards compatibility), and Wii U/Nintendo Switch. Bayonetta 2 is currently available on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking to play both games on modern hardware, the Switch versions are probably the way to go.

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