Rainbow Six Siege’s Coastline map contains a “Death Spot” that kills players if they stand on it

Be careful of suddenly dying during the preparation phase

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-12-02 19:49 (JST)
Translated by. Nick Mosier

A mysterious “Death Spot” has been discovered in Rainbow Six Siege. If a character stands on the spot under certain conditions, they will suddenly die. The issue was reported by multiple players including a YouTuber named mukk52768.

Tweet Translation:
I thought it couldn’t be real, so I tried it myself and it is lol. If you stand at this spot in the Billiards Room for one second, you’ll die, so be careful.

In Rainbow Six Siege, the game tracks whether players are indoors or outdoors, so if a player on the defending team steps outside for one second, the attacking team is notified. This system is in place to prevent defenders from gaining a huge advantage by going outdoors. It’s also impossible for defenders to go outdoors during the preparation phase, a short period before the start of the match where defenders get set up to face the opposing team. This current bug seems to be related to game’s outdoor detection system.

This problem that some players are calling a “Death Spot” has been confirmed in the Billiards Room of the Coastline map. For some reason, when approaching the counter near the middle of the room, the game flags the player as being outdoors. In other words, despite being inside, the player is treated as if they aren’t. This room and the neighboring hookah lounge are frequented spots and are often passed through when looking at enemy entry points.

The player dies in the above video, but it looks like a fall death, possibly because the player is considered outdoors which is normally impossible during the preparation phase. If a defending player stands on the spot during the action phase, they are just detected as if they were outside.

When I tried standing on the spot myself, I was also detected as being outside. And as if they were outside, Echo’s drones also become inoperable on the spot until you go and pick them up. It only takes a second before the game alerts the attackers someone is outdoors, so it’s possible that someone could trigger the alert before they’re even aware of what’s happening.

This isn’t the first time this sort of issue has popped up in the game. A similar situation previously occurred on the Favela map. There are also cases where a defending player can go prone near an open door and have part of their body outside while still being considered indoors.

Tweet Translation:
It’s probably good to know that under the camera of the Aunt’s Apartment room in Favela is considered outdoors.

The reason for this current problem is unknown, but the delay in implementing a disconnection timer when cameras and drones are outdoors may provide a hint. The feature was planned to arrive with the Year 6 Season 4, High Calibre.

In Rainbow Six Siege, defending players can use gadgets outdoors to search for the attacking team. An update was planned that would place a time limit on gadgets that were outside, but the implementation was delayed.

On older maps in the game, the outside/inside detection was designed to be done manually, and this caused problems where cameras placed on ceilings would sometimes be detected as being outside, which disables them. Fixing these issues will require modifications to each map which has caused the delay. Oddly enough, Ubisoft uses the Billiards Room as their example when explaining the issue.

Similar issues up to this point have been fixed with updates, so the new death spot probably will be as well. The Coastline map is used in ranked matches, though, and the room is frequently traveled through, so hopefully they fix it sooner rather than later.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. The game’s Year 6 Season 4, High Calibre, is underway with a new operator called Thorn and a reworked Outback map. The game also has a free weekend running until December 6.