Pokémon Sleep to tackle issue of Helper Pokémon always being tired and sad with upcoming updates 

The official Japanese Pokémon Sleep X/Twitter account announced a “mini roadmap” of future updates on September 15. This roadmap is the “part two” of the roadmap previously announced and mentions useful improvements related to the Energy of Pokémon. 

The Pokémon Sleep mini roadmap is divided into three categories – changes to be implemented in the next update, list of points currently under development and identified issues which will be improved in the future. Among the items listed, adjustments related to Energy are what has players interested the most this time around. 

In Pokémon Sleep, helper Pokémon use up their energy while collecting Berries and end up tired. Even with no Energy left, Pokémon do continue collecting Berries, but are much less efficient and look miserable. The Pokémon naturally recover their Energy as you sleep, but this only applies to Pokémon currently active on your team, so Pokémon in your Storage Box can basically remain exhausted forever. Additionally, since Pokémon recover only as much as you sleep, those who don’t sleep for too long and aren’t generous with recovery items are probably finding themselves with a bunch of exhausted, sad-looking Pokémon in their Storage. 

This is where the announced updates are going to make a change, making it so that Pokémon in the Storage Box also recover their Energy while you sleep, albeit “in small amounts.” The small amount isn’t specified, but surely every bit counts as this will make it so that you can gradually recover all your stored Pokémon just by sleeping as usual. 

Additionally, among the points listed under “identified and to be improved in the future,” changes to the effects of Cooking are also mentioned. Cooking food in the game is basically done to feed Snorlax and boost his powers, thus having no effect on other Pokémon. However, the roadmap mentions that this will be adjusted so that Pokémon on your team may also partake of the nourishment and recover Energy in small amounts, which is good news both in terms of efficiency and emotionally – it’s going to be so much more wholesome seeing everyone eat together.  

Post translation: (Important: Mini Roadmap Vol.2 announced!) 
The following are changes to be implemented in the next update, points currently under development and identified issues which will be improved in the future, presented in the form of a mini roadmap!

Written by. Amber V based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-09-15 16:29 JST)


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