Why is Rajang so common in Sunbreak’s Event Quests? There are 10 of them now

It has become evident to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak players that the monster Rajang is especially prevalent in the game’s Event Quests. When counting the Furious Rajang variant, there are total of ten Event Quests that feature the monster. Food Fight, the new Event Quest released this month, also includes a Rajang as one of the targets.

Tweet Translation:
Today’s Event Quest once again features a Rajang. This brings the total number of Monster Hunter Rise Event Quests with the monster to 10.
10 different Event Quests with a Rajang.
To be blunt, it’s just crazy.

I (the original author of this article) took a look at the Steam version of Sunbreak and found that there are currently 108 Event Quests that are available, including those that were released for the original Monster Hunter Rise. Of those 108, I confirmed that there are indeed ten quests that feature Rajang or Furious Rajang.

Grouped by quest type:
Master Rank – 7 out of 40 quests
High Rank – 2 out of 48 quests
Rampage Quests – 1 out of 6 quests

Master Rank is a new level of Hunter Rank that was added in Sunbreak, and most of the Event Quests that have been added to the expansion are of Master Rank. To put it another way, out of the 40 main Event Quests in Sunbreak, seven feature a Rajang.

But why are there so many of them? One possible reason could be that Rajang is beloved by so many players. Rajang first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 (Monster Hunter Dos), one of the early games in the series. Since then, the powerful monster has been featured many times throughout the franchise, always offering hunters an arduous challenge.

When it was announced that Rajang was being added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Twitter user @Teddy_MarkN created an image of a Rajang that got a huge response from fans. The image was altered to make it look like the monster was giving a thumbs up and included overlayed text that said “Iijyan.” Iijyan is wordplay based on the name Rajang and means “nice!” in Japanese.

The meme became so popular that even Capcom got in on the fun, releasing official images of Rajang giving a thumbs up while striking a variety of different poses. The images were later turned into stickers that could be purchased and used on the LINE messaging app.

Rajang and Furious Rajang were added to Iceborne in the first and third Free Title Updates for the game, respectively. Even though the monsters were added to the game some time after it was initially released, there ended up being four Event Quests that featured them.

It looks like in Sunbreak, too, the love that players and the developers have toward Rajang is being reflected in how prevalent the monster has become in Event Quests. As an aside, the other most common monster in Event Quests besides Rajang is Mizutsune. When you include both Violet Mizutsune and Apex Mizutsune, the monster is currently found in ten Event Quests, just like Rajang. As future Event Quests are released, we’ll see which of the two eventually comes out on top.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-04-14 17:13 JST)