Oshiiro is a Japanese horror game where you exorcise evil spirits by swinging a light stick

Japanese indie game developer Tadasumen has announced that Oshiiro will be released in Japan on September 14. The game will be available as a free download on PC.

*Footage of the game that was released in March

Oshiiro is a 3D horror game that provides a fresh take on the genre by having players swing a light stick in order to battle evil spirits. The game takes place at Chiba Legend Arena, where more than 20 years ago, unidentifiable human bones were excavated during construction of the facility. An investigation by an exorcist revealed that there were a number of spirits that were bound to the location, but they were deemed harmless. As a result, the arena has been used for over 20 years without issue.

However, one day, the situation surrounding the facility took a sudden turn following a virtual idol concert. The previously harmless spirits were transformed into hostile monsters who began to eat people in an attempt to be incarnated.

Players are tasked with traveling to the arena to investigate the situation. As they progress through the facility, they will be attacked by evil spirits who must be fought off with a light stick. The evil spirits possess bracelets or other features that change color, and players must repel them by changing their light stick to the matching color and swinging it a set number of times within a time limit. It looks a lot like fans swinging light sticks at a real-life idol concert.

Within the arena, there are also illuminated illustrations of virtual idols that can be found stuck on walls and other places. These can be destroyed by swinging your light stick with the matching color and are also related to progressing through the game. The game will include three difficulties to choose from. Oshiiro’s unique combination of idol concerts and evil spirts seems to provide a bizarre yet frightening experience.

Tweet Translation:
Please check out the cute horror game that I’m making.

Developer Tadasumen has previously released other games like A game that saves the muscles caught in the ceiling of the gymnasium and I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi! The eccentric concepts featured in their games have gained support from many players.

Oshiiro began development following a crowdfunding campaign held in January, and backers were able to access the game early, beginning on September 7. The songs and voice acting of the virtual idols in the game seem to be performed by real VTubers, and according to a tweet by VTuber Himekuma Ribon, she and fellow VTubers Marumochi Tsukimi and Yumekawa Kanau all took part.

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Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-09-07 20:44 JST)