Strip down opponents in Morodashi Sumo when it comes to Steam in August

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-07-21 17:55 JST)

Game developer Bakumatsu Games has opened the Steam store page for Morodashi Sumo. Planned for an August release, it is a multiplayer sumo game that is more than a little different to real-life sumo.

First of all, the game does not take place on earth as we know it but instead on an alternate earth located in the multiverse. In this version of Japan, there exists a traditional sport known as “Morodashi Sumo.” Matches are fought with a variety of techniques, such as grabbing, thrusting, and leaping. The competitor who successfully removes their opponent’s mawashi (loincloth) and achieves “morodashi” (exposing their privates) is crowned the victor.

The protagonist of the game is a sumo wrestler who devotes themselves to daily training as they aim to become a Yokozuna, the highest rank in morodashi sumo. One day, after hearing a rumor about an almighty power being sealed within the morodashi sumo trophy “Chan-Kona,” they decide to enter the Morodashi Sumo Battle Tournament.

Morodashi Sumo includes a single player mode where you can battle against the CPU, as well as local and online multiplayer modes. There are eight default characters to choose from, and players can also create their own custom sumo wrestler by using the character editor. A character’s body, hair, face, and more can all be customized with a high degree of freedom.

Based on what can be seen in the trailer, there are female and even dinosaur sumo wrestlers. Gender and species don’t seem to matter in this alternate world. As far as the actual removal of mawashi is concerned, the game uses effects to hide sensitive areas. This is even explained on the store page: “The nude part is hidden by the light effect, so you cannot actually see it.”

The game’s concept is not entirely outrageous because in the real sport of sumo, there is actually a rule known as “fujou make” which states that if a competitor’s privates are exposed, then they lose the match. That being said, it is prohibited to attempt to intentionally remove an opponent’s mawashi. At the end of the day, the sport featured in the game is “morodashi sumo” and not actual sumo, so it’s probably better to not sweat the details.

As for the developer, Bakumatsu Games, they seem to be veiled in mystery. Based on their name and the theme of the game, it can probably be assumed that they are a Japanese studio. The physics in the game appear quite peculiar, as the gameplay footage shows that the characters move very erratically. Yet, on the other hand, you can sense technical prowess in the high-level character customization feature. Who are Bakumatsu Games? Why did they make Modoroshi Sumo? The developers themselves are likely the only ones who hold the answers to these questions.

It is interesting to note that YouTuber group Bakumatsu Shishi previously released a very similar sumo game called BAKUMAZUMOU. Is this a coincidence or could they be linked to Bakumatsu Games? We can only wait to see if the time comes when these mysteries are resolved.

The Steam page for Morodashi Sumo can be found here.