Elden Ring is getting tons of mods, from boss randomizers and VR to seamless co-op

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-04-26 17:43 JST)

The PC version of Elden Ring appears to be receiving all sorts of mods. Please note that this article may include minor spoilers for Elden Ring. In addition, use mods at your own risk, as going online with them may result in bans or other punishments.

Elden Ring is the latest action RPG from FromSoftware. Like the PC versions of the studio’s other titles such as the Dark Souls series and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring is also getting tons of mod support from users despite the game only being out for 2 months.

Among these mods, one that’s been especially getting attention from players lately is a boss randomizer. As reported by PCGamesN, the mod is being developed by thefifthmatt who also drew attention for creating the “Elden Ring Key Item Randomizer” mod.

In the below tweet, we can see that in the area where early-game boss Margit is supposed to appear, Radahn stands waiting. While the giant boss is normally fought on a wide beach area, having to fight him on a narrow bridge seems like a nightmare. The mod is currently in development and planned to be combined with the Key Item Randomizer and released in the near future. But whether you’ll be able to clear the game with this mod on may depend on how lucky you are.

As for mods that expand the features of the game, there’s LukeYui’s “Elden Ring Seamless Coop” mod. This mod removes multiplayer boundaries and doesn’t cut off connections after death. While currently in development, features being worked on for the full release include a voting system for synchronized fast travel, being able to visit the Roundtable together, a spectator mode after death, and more. But since this mod makes sweeping changes to the game’s multiplayer systems, it may be best to only use it with friends.

LukeYui has also released a “Item and param randomizer” that randomizes way more elements than just key items.

Next up is a mod from Luke Ross to add VR support to Elden Ring, as reported by PC Gamer. Ross has previously added VR support to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 and has already released a video of Elden Ring running from a first-person view.

There are numerous other mods currently available on Nexus Mods as well. Apart from ones that make the game easier, there’s a mod that makes Elden Ring even harder called “Prepare to Die (Hard Mode).” There’s also a mod called “All New Starting Classes” that adds new starting classes based on NPCs that appear the game, and even shows a playful side by including “Let me solo her” (related article).

Another mod that’s been gaining attention lately is “ERR – Elden Ring Reforged,” which adds new mechanics, the ability to challenge bosses again, balance adjustments, and enemy AI and hitbox changes. While not a mod, the “Elden Ring Progression Checklist” is also proving to be popular. The checklist is being distributed as xlsx and ODS files, so even players that don’t want to use mods can make use of it. It seems great for players that want to squeeze every bit of content out of Elden Ring.

If you use mods, please keep in mind that you’re doing so at your own risk. If a mod is detected as a cheat, it may result in being banned from online play. If you do decide to use them, consider doing so offline and make use of the knowhow of other mod users. While mods are ultimately unofficial, it looks like modders will continue to expand on how Elden Ring can be played.

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