Reversilly turns Reversi into a real-time action game

Japanese indie game developer OvertimeUsi has announced that the Steam Playtest for their upcoming game Reversilly has begun. It’s scheduled to run until March 27, and you can participate by clicking the “Request Access” button on the game’s Steam store page. The game supports both English and Japanese.

Reversilly is a coined word that combines Reversi and silly. The ruleset is based on the classic board game Reversi, where each player tries to capture the opponent’s pieces by pinching them. The player with the most pieces on the board at the end of the match wins.

The twist is that the game is played in real-time instead of turn-based, like in the original Reversi. You control a character called Reversian to pick up your pieces and place them on the board. Speed is the key here, and if you take too much time, your character will explode, meaning you’ll lose the match.

Players can use “three types of items that fall from the sky to obstruct your opponent.” As you can see in the above trailer, power-up items make you move faster, temporarily stop your opponent’s movement, or blast an energy shot to knock back your opponent.

The available game modes are Random Match and Room Match. Random Mach pits you against a random player online, and Room Match allows you to create a private room with a password so that you can play with your friends. If you’re interested in the game’s unique premise, head over to the Steam page and consider participating in the playtest.