Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima posts some helpful tips for the game on Twitter

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-09-07 18:16 (JST)
Translated by. Nick Mosier

Hideo Kojima is posting tips for Death Stranding on Twitter. With Death Stranding: Director’s Cut coming to PlayStation 5 on September 24, the following information may also be useful for players planning on playing the game for the first time.

The first tip can be used in the mountain region. Here you’ll be coming and going through areas where BTs are stranded numerous times. Kojima says, “Try to walk on the footprints you’ve made, and you’ll see orange handprints where BTs have found you.” If you avoid the orange handprints, you can easily avoid the BTs.

The second tip is about the effect of the Weather Talisman. By completing certain requirements in the game, you will receive a backpack accessory called the Weather Talisman. When this talisman is equipped, the likelihood of rain falling is reduced. If you’re trying to avoid running into any BT, try equipping the accessory to your backpack.

Some players were probably already aware of this, but judging by the responses to the tweet, a number of people seemed to be learning about it for the first time. This might be because accessories are acquired through deliveries outside of the main story and can have difficult requirements.

“When you equip the Weather Talisman, it becomes less likely to rain.”

Kojima also shared some memories about the days of game guides and guide books. The chances for creators to share these kinds of tips with players through official guide books has gone away and we’re now in the age of players sharing tips and strategies on the internet.

Sparked by Kojima’s posts, Death Stranding fans also began sharing tips for the game on Twitter. Twitter user Miaha is posting a number of helpful tip videos. For example, did you know that if Sam is holding his breath, the cryptobiotes won’t run away? Cryptobiotes are life forms similar to tardigrades that restore a small amount of blood when consumed. Normally, if you’ve caught a few it’s difficult to get more, but if you hold your breath when approaching them, you can gather a lot.

There’s also a surprising way to avoid MULE scanners. The normal method to avoid them is to respond with your own scanning pulse to the timing of the incoming scanning pulse, which negates it. However, if you jump right when the scan reaches you, you’ll avoid it.

Twitter Suginoki also shared some interesting information. Within the game there are various types of BT, including BT that look like babies. If you shoot a baby BT with the Bola Gun, it will grow into an adult BT. It might not be the most helpful information for completing the game, but it’s something neat to try.

A lot of players are probably already aware of this, but there’s a double jump in Death Stranding. If you push the jump button while in mid-air, Sam will perform another jump. It can’ be performed if you’re carrying too much weight, but it seems to have a lot of utility for getting over obstacles.

“This is probably where a lot of people noticed there’s a double jump.”

There may be players that don’t know Sam will die if he sleeps on a snowy mountain. You can sit down and rest just about anywhere on the map. However, if you rest and fall asleep in the extreme cold, the screen will go black and Sam will freeze to death. Those snow-covered mountains aren’t to be taken lightly.

Another helpful little tip is that you can ride on ladders with a motorcycle. Ladders are a handy item that can be placed anywhere on the map for Sam to climb up and down. If you can carefully get the motorcycle’s (Reverse Trike) back wheel onto the ladder, you can ride on it like a road. This little trick should make the Reverse Trike even more useful.

“With this trick, you too can be a mountain biker!”

Players on Twitter are using the hashtag “#デスストTips” to share their Death Stranding tips and tricks with each other. There are all kinds of tips being posted beyond what is covered in this article and seeking them out might add yet another layer of enjoyment onto the game.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5 September 24.