Sequel to Japanese horror game Shadow Corridor in the works

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-07-06 20:32 (JST)
Translated by. Braden Noyes

On July 6, 2021, indie developer Kazuki Shiroma announced he had begun work on a new project tentatively titled Shadow Corridor 2. Shiroma had previously been co-developing a game titled Zero Cross Line, but withdrew from the project as of a few months ago and is now working on his Shadow Corridor sequel.

Tweet Translation:
As of a few months ago, I am no longer working with Mr. Kikuchi on the joint project Zero Cross Line. Mr. Kikuchi continues working on the game, however.
I have now begun work on Shadow Corridor 2 (tentative title) and will try to post updates on my progress from time to time.
Thank you.

Shadow Corridor is a first-person horror game that begins in a traditional Japanese suburb. While exploring the back alleys during the hot summer twilight, the player inadvertently finds themself transported to another location entirely. As you wander through the dark, unfamiliar corridors, you soon realize you are being targeted by a creepy figure in a Noh-style mask.

Players must search the halls for an exit in order to escape the mysterious world into which they have wandered, all while avoiding their terrifying masked stalker as well as attacks from a number of other horrors.

The main stage maps for Shadow Corridor are automatically generated, giving players a different layout with each playthrough. Players are also unable to defeat the apparitions stalking them, and will instead have to take refuge in the dark corners of rooms or in one of the safe zones scattered around the map. The game has garnered some attention due to its randomly generated maps, unpredictable enemy and resource locations, and the sense of panic and dread it instills.

In February 2020, it was announced that Shiroma was working on a new horror game titled Zero Cross Line alongside Toshihiko Kikuchi, the developer behind horror game Home Security, as well as sound creator Takaaki Arata. Fans received a progress update from Shiroma in December 2020, but it would seem he has since left the project.

Although no details regarding the circumstances behind his withdrawal were released, Shiroma has indeed parted ways with Kikuchi and Arata and begun work on a new project of his own. Kikuchi continues the development of Zero Cross Line and occasionally posts details regarding his progress on his Twitter account.

Tweet Translation:
It’s 5AM, but these walls are looking great.
The gap between my ideal vision and my technical skills brings me constant pain.

Shiroma says he plans on sharing progress for Shadow Corridor 2 (tentative) via his Twitter account. We’re looking forward to the release of both this title as well as Zero Cross Line.