Japan-made first-person action horror game SEDOMAIRI set to release on Steam

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-07-05 21:15 (JST)
Translated by. Jacob Ritter

Independent Japanese developer Masatoko announced SEDOMAIRI on July 3. It is set to release on August 5 for PC (Steam). According to Masatoko, everything from the title screen to the ending has been completed, and they will continue to touch up the game in the month leading to its release.

Tweet Translation:

SEDOMAIRI, set in the latter half of the Showa Era, is a randomly-generated survival horror game where you must escape from an old Japanese residence. The game takes place in “Sedo,” a world existing on the edge between life and death. In the world of Sedo, the Angel of Death is on the prowl, and you must avoid them at all costs in order to return to the mortal realm. The protagonist, brought to Sedo for reasons unknown, must fulfill their purpose while escaping from the Japanese residence seemingly from the Showa Era.

As mentioned above, the Angel of Death roams throughout Sedo. Equipped with a light to brighten the darkness, and a radio that tells the distance and direction of the Angel of Death, the protagonist must avoid encountering it while proceeding through the dark and eerie old residence. However, your light and radio are battery-powered, and you must charge them at various set locations throughout your escape.

These features like the light, distance of detectable footsteps, enemy’s field of view, and the range of the radio all take into consideration the horror atmosphere, giving players the frightening sense of “something can be waiting for me around any corner.” In the screenshots, you can see icons such as nails and straw dolls, and a number displayed on the white noise of an old television set. These appear to be related to the protagonist’s goal.

SEDOMAIRI is solely produced by Masatoko. In May 2020, they began early access to their randomly-generated FPS zombie game Infection Maze, taking place in the depths of a hospital basement. Major changes were made during the early access period, and it was officially released in May 2021 with upgrades to the graphics and game balance.

According to a Tweet by Masatoko, the protagonist in SEDOMAIRI is chasing after something, while also being chased themselves. It is unclear if this will be included in the release version, but it appears there is a potential breath-holding system in the works as well.

SEDOMAIRI is set to release on August 5 for PC (Steam).