Gaming Chopsticks Holder goes on sale in Japan

Now you can always have chopsticks on hand to snag a potato chip while gaming

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-08-26 17:24 (JST)
Translated by. Nick Mosier

On August 26, Bfull released the Gaming Chopsticks Holder for 1100 yen or roughly $10.00 in Japan. This product allows gamers to hold their chopsticks while gaming.

“Applicable for all kinds of situations! Even if you set it down, your chopsticks won’t touch the table.”

Many people have surely found themselves in a situation where they’re reaching for the snack bowl while in a gaming session or on their PC or smartphone. Unfortunately, if you’re using your bare hands, your controller or mouse is going to get pretty greasy. It isn’t very sanitary either. In Japan, many players avoid this by using chopsticks when eating potato chips and other snack foods. But when you set your chopsticks down for more gaming, you have to track them down again, plus there’s the worry of them getting dirty while on the table. That’s where the Gaming Chopsticks Holder comes in.

When chopsticks are set in the Gaming Chopsticks Holder, they act as extensions to your index and middle fingers and you use the holder by squeezing it between those fingers. This lets you always have control of your chopsticks so you can grab a quick chip even when using a controller or a mouse. And if you place the holder upside down on a table, it elevates the tips of the chopsticks so there’s no worry about them getting dirty.

As for similar products, gaming accessory maker Hori used to sell a product called the Shock-C. In addition to chopsticks, the Shock-C could also hold spoons and forks in place, but unfortunately they aren’t selling the product at this time. Maybe the Gaming Chopsticks Holder will be a savior for gamers worried about getting Cheeto dust on their hands and controllers.

The Gaming Chopsticks Holder is available in Japan on Bfull’s website, as well as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping.