Cute and colorful shmup Like Dreamer is coming to Steam on July 21

Like Dreamer is a bullet hell shooter with a social media theme. In the game’s world there’s a popular bullet hell social media platform called Bulletolk, and by showing off impressive gameplay, users can receive “likes” from others. Like Dreamer is set to launch on July 21 for PC (Steam).

Stab food and furniture with a flying fork in the alpha release of Forklore

Forklore is a 3D action game where players control a fork that has gained the ability to fly through the power of magic. The goal is to progress through each stage by flying around and stabbing a variety of objects along the way.

Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES mixes shmup gameplay with terrain destruction

Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES is a comical shmup where players destroy both enemies and terrain to clear stages. The game’s main characters are 6 girls at the facility who pilot versatile vehicles known as Vulvehicles.

Summer Road is an auto RPG aimed at gamers tired of AAA titles

Summer Road is a hack and slash autoplay RPG where players do not control the girls directly, as they move and battle automatically. The game tells a story of three curious young girls who set out on a summer adventure.

YASO curse of soirée is the new Japanese horror game from the creator of GOHOME

YASO curse of soirée is a 3D horror adventure game set during the end of Japan’s Meiji era (1868-1912) where you explore a mysterious Western style house. The game is set to launch on Steam July 7 (JST).

The Chain of Life mixes RPG, card game, and visual novel elements into one

The Chain of Life is part visual novel, part card game, and part RPG. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Noa where a falling star sets the story of multiple young people in motion. The game is slated to release on Steam and will be seeking crowdfunding via the Japanese website Campfire starting July 7.

An infinitely spawning poo feature causes issues in a Japanese indie game

An infinitely spawning poo feature causes serious issues in a Japanese indie game called I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi!. We asked the developer why they added such a feature in the first place.

Carta Marina is a game where you explore a 16th century Scandinavian map

Carta Marina is a simulation game where players will explore the world that was depicted in the real-life Carta Marina map which was drawn in the 16th century. The map, which features detailed topography, was created in 1539 by Swedish pastor Olaus Magnus and is one of the oldest drawn maps of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The game about saving buff dudes stuck in a gymnasium ceiling is now on Steam

A game that saves the muscles caught in the ceiling of the gymnasium is a new kind of shooting game where players throw balls at body builders stuck in a ceiling to rescue them. The game takes place in a gymnasium that for some reason has a bunch of buff guys caught in the rafters.

Online Sparkler lets you enjoy virtual fireworks with up to 20 players online

Online Sparkler is a game about enjoying sparklers with others online. A sparkler is a type of firework one holds in their hand. Light the combustible end and watch the flickering sparks twinkle in the darkness in a fleeting but beautiful moment.

What is your variety indie game score? An indie dev/publisher releases a checklist

Indie game developer and publisher Akupara Games has released a checklist on Twitter asking, “What is your VARIETY indie game score?” The list they created contains 100 popular indie games, and by checking off the titles that you have played, you’ll get to find out your “indie gamer score.”

Resonance of the Ocean is a soothing game about answering back to echoes heard from across the ocean

Resonance of the Ocean is a short adventure game about answering back to echoes heard from across the ocean. It is set to launch on July 9 (JST).

Open world samurai game Rōnin Trail officially announced. Wander Edo-period Japan fighting to survive

Rōnin Trail is an open world adventure game where players take on the role of a samurai in Japan. The game takes place during Japan’s Edo-period where a masterless samurai, or rōnin, is left to wander the countryside searching for their purpose.

WWII Taiwan survival adventure game Raid on Taihoku gets a Steam demo

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article's publication date: 2022-06-15 18:33 JST) Taiwanese game studio Mizo Games released a Steam...

SCP: Secret Files lets you experience paranormal cases from the SCP Foundation

In SCP: Secret Files, players can experience a variety of paranormal phenomena by taking on the role of a researcher for the SCP Foundation. The newly released demo tells a story related to SCP-701.

Furry fighting game Mofu Mofu Sensen was developed by a single person using SmileBASIC

Mofu Mofu Sensen will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 16 (JST). Mofu Mofu Sensen is a furry fighting game being developed by a single person using SmileBASIC.

Steam Next Fest June 2022 edition: Here are some demos that caught our eye

Valve kicked off their Steam Next Fest June 2022 edition on June 13. The event will last until June 20 (PDT) and offers players a chance to try tons of demos for upcoming games and livestreams from developers to check out. Here are some demos that caught our eye.

Brutal Japan brings fear to its present-day Japan setting

Brutal Japan is a survival horror game that takes place in present-day Japan. It’s an episodic game made up of around three different stories, with the first episode being playable when the game enters Early Access.

Bunny collecting game Usagi Shima takes inspiration from Japan’s “Rabbit Island”

Usagi Shima is a bunny collecting game where players manage an uninhabited island and try to gather cute and cuddly visitors. If you’re looking for something wholesome and heartwarming, interacting with these adorable bunnies may be just what you need.

Japanese-themed co-op horror game Malice officially announced for Steam

Malice is a first-person horror game set in Japan. The game will support 2-player co-op and push players’ observation and reasoning skills as they try to progress.

Absurd action game I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi! is coming to Steam on June 22

I’m going to die if I don’t eat sushi! is a 3D action game about eating sushi to stay alive. A man turns his love of sushi into strength and sets off to save sushi. By eating more sushi, the man will rescue both sushi and himself.

One indie game developer saw surprising sales numbers on Nintendo Switch and spoke about their success

Japanese indie game developer Hikari Itsuki recently took to Twitter to say that the Nintendo Switch version of their new game Magic Potion Millionaire sold “startlingly well.” Just how well did it sell and what was the reason behind the success? We reached out to Itsuki to find out.

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