Evangelion: giant Lance of Longinus replica to pierce the ground of a park in Japan 

Ube City in Japan, the hometown of Hideaki Anno, director of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, reported that it’s project to create a replica of the Lance of Longinus that appears in the anime is in its final stages. Upon completion, the +7-meter-tall Lance will be driven into the grounds of a public park and put on display. 

The Lance of Longinus, also called the Spear of Longinus, is an ancient artifact of extraterrestrial origin that appears in the Evangelion series and carries an important role in the story. The red, often bident shaped relic is, like many elements of Evangelion, based on Christianity, referring to the Holy Lance that is said to have pierced Jesus Christ while he was on the cross.  

In Evangelion, the Lance plays a part in NERV and SEELE’s Human Instrumentality Project, being vital to the plot, but it’s also a striking visual element, with the scene of it impaling the 2nd Angel Lilith likely being vividly etched into the visual library of anyone who has seen the show. 

This could possibly be part of the reason why the city of Ube in Japan decided to undertake the project of creating a giant replica of the Lance of Longinus (as it appears in Evangelion) and making it the highlight of their campaign to honor Hideaki Anno’s newest Evangelion film and boost the city’s tourism titled “Evangelion all over town: Phase 3.” According to Ube Nippo, it all started when young employees of a local steel business, fans of Evangelion, suggested the replica be made, to which the company agreed and presented the idea to the city. The replica will apparently be over 7 meters tall and weigh 1 ton, while faithfully replicating the original spiral design and bident shape of the Lance. 

In a follow-up report on the progress of the Lance published on September 12, it is said that the exhibition piece is now in its final stages as it has been taken out of its mold and remains to be polished and painted. 

The grand reveal is scheduled for October 6, 2023, and the monumental Lance of Longinus replica will apparently “be driven into the ground” like a real lance in a public park called Tokiwa Koen. The makers have apparently struggled most in making sure the Lance is reinforced enough to withstand being displayed in this way. 

Post translation: Nowhere in the world can you find a front page like this other than in Ube City

News of the project has successfully caught the public’s eye, with the local newspaper’s article about the “Completion of the creation of the Lance of Longinus,” pictures included, being particularly amusing in how surreal a sight it is. With how passionately the Lance is being recreated, some can’t help but hope there isn’t an actual Human Instrumentality Project going on in the background. 


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