Tears of the Kingdom players bring about the dawn of mechanized agriculture

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players continue to invent convenient “everyday life” machines for gathering crops and other ingredients. They have utilized Link’s building abilities in fields such as livestock, agriculture, and fishing.  

Please note that this article contains spoilers regarding certain Zonai Devices in the game. 

One of the defining new features in Tears of the Kingdom is Link’s Ultrahand ability. This ability allows you to pick up and move objects in the field as well as attach them together in any way you choose, and adding Zonai Devices makes it possible to build sophisticated machines. This has given players an opportunity to let their creativity shine, constructing things like robots and absurdly long objects.

One area that has been slowly developing is the field of so-called “everyday life” machines. In Tears of the Kingdom, cooking requires ingredients, and players have come up with machines to help them gather the necessary items for their daily life in Hyrule. One such machine, which drew a lot of attention after it was posted to Reddit, is the “Automatic Egg Farm.”  

The video above shows the egg farm in action. The machine is built by using Homing Cart Zonai Devices, which form a conveyor belt that carries the eggs. You then create a space to trap the Cuccos and add two Frost Emitters that will startle them and make them drop their eggs. It feels like this would probably be considered a form of animal cruelty, but perhaps it would be best to refrain from judging the laws and common sense of Hyrule based on those of our own world. Regardless of any potential ethical problems, eggs are one of the ingredients that you probably want to have a good supply of. The machine’s creator even put together a tutorial video to help other players build their own egg farms. 

Players from all over the world have shown off a variety of other lifestyle machines. In the field of farming, several players have built “rice collecting lawn mowers.” One player’s mower was created by putting together a simple car and then attaching rotating blades to the bottom. By driving the vehicle over grassy areas, gathering Hylian Rice is almost effortless. The video below introduces some useful tips on how to build it, such as the key to adjusting the height so that the blade is in the right position.  

Helpful info like the fact that blade durability won’t decrease provided they only hit grass and not enemies may also be useful in other situations. The rice lawnmower also appears to be much more efficient than having Link use his Spin Attack over and over again. More recently, a Japanese player invented a different kind of rice lawnmower which received a lot of attention on Twitter. We may be witnessing the dawn of mechanized agriculture in Hyrule. 

There have also been advancements in Hyrule’s fishing industry. Some players have created peaceful fishing boats that simply round up and capture fish, while others have built dangerous, fish-murdering vessels, like the “Laser fishing boat” seen in the video below. There are also those that fish using electricity. Incidentally, sending electric currents through schools of fish (electrofishing) is generally prohibited in Japan except for reasons such as exterminating harmful species of fish. Hyrule’s fishery resources seem to be in very good shape, so there should be no problem as long as Link doesn’t overdo it.    

On the HyruleEngineering Subreddit, where players share the different machines that they have created in Tears of the Kingdom, you can see a diverse range of other inventions that will help to ease your daily life in Hyrule. Of course, there are also a wealth of posts about machines that specialize in other purposes, like combat or travel. Anyone hoping to find a bit of inspiration for their own inventions may like to check the Subreddit out.  

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.   

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-06-07 10:30 JST)


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