Tears of the Kingdom players create super-long objects with Ultrahand 

A number of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have become fixated on making really long objects by connecting things together. Whether to brute force a puzzle or just for simple self-satisfaction, all kinds of long objects have been created, including vehicles.  

Please note that this article and the videos contained within it may include spoilers for a variety of shrines and Zonai Devices that appear in the game.  

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link has access to a new ability called Ultrahand. Using this ability, the player can join a variety of different objects together, including special items known as Zonai Devices. The system provides a high level of freedom, and you can even build vehicles or planes in addition to simpler structures. One of the forms of enjoyment that many players have discovered is connecting objects to make something as long as possible.  

Using Ultrahand, you can combine quite an impressive number of objects together. From what we could confirm, the maximum number of logs that can be connected end to end is 21. This lets players enjoy creating objects of impressive scale, and these incredibly long structures can even be used to progress in the game. For example, if your path is hindered by a cliff or large body of water, you can solve the problem by sticking many logs together to create a bridge.

It’s not only logs that make for handy bridges, as there are also players who have constructed them using wooden planks. Even a typically difficult task like reaching a Skyview Tower is made simple with the use of a long bridge, as shown by the player below. At first glance, the bridge looks so long that you’d expect it to bend and snap, and it’s quite thrilling to see the way that it springs back and forth after it is dropped into place.  

There are also players who build really long objects that aren’t so useful. One Reddit user decided to connect every log that they could find inside of a shrine, creating one “super log” that almost extended from one end of the shrine to the other. It surely would have been less work to simply place logs in the places that they were needed rather than connect them all together one by one, but it’s clear that many players just love the act of building these long objects. 

Another player decided to create an excessively long vehicle. But not horizontally long, like a train; it’s vertically long, stretching high into the sky. Though initially dubbed a unicycle by its creator, it is actually a two-wheeled, segway style vehicle with a seat pillar that extends into the sky, with Link sitting atop it. It basically looks like Link is riding around on a giant pole. 

The video above gives you a clear indication of just how crazy this thing looks. There is obviously no practical reason to make the seat that high, and the overall instability of the vehicle prevents it from traveling particularly fast, but it sure does look like a lot of fun. 

You can see other examples on the internet of players who are enjoying building long objects or vehicles, whether to help get through parts of the game or just for the fun of it. The very act of connecting things to make them longer likely appeals to the inner child of many players. That such a simple kind of fun can be carried out on this kind of scale is a testament to the broad scope of Tears of the Kingdom’s design. We are sure to see many more endearing yet useless objects created by these “lovers of length” in the future.  

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-05-27 10:01 JST)