Splatoon 3’s rank reset feature has players checking just how good they really are

Nintendo has released Splatoon 3’s Ver. 2.0.0 update. This new update added a feature that allows players to reset their rank, and the unexpected way players are using it has been drawing attention on social media.

Splatoon 3’s Anarchy Battle mode makes use of a ranking system. Players gain and lose Rank Points based on wins, with chances to increase their rank when reaching certain thresholds of points. In previous titles, a player’s rank could increase or decrease, but in Splatoon 3, ranks don’t drop because of losses. For this reason, if you’ve managed to reach S rank, no matter how much you lose, you’ll still be in the S tier. However, there is a risk to losing because continuing to lose can cause your Rank Points to go into negative numbers.

That brings us to the freshly added rank resetting feature that players can use once per season. This effectively allows players to wipe away their Rank Point debts, which is what the original intention behind the feature was thought to be. However, even players who don’t have a negative number of Rank Points have been showing interest in the feature. The reason for this is because when resetting your rank, the game gives you a new one (You can check what your rank will be without confirming the reset).

When resetting your rank, the game will give you a new ranking based on your performance in previous matches. In other words, the game references some internal skill rating to give players a new rank after they reset. It looks like a player’s rank will always drop upon resetting, but how far it goes varies by player. Some may only drop one level while others drop even further.

If an S+ player resets their rank and goes down to S, it’s like the game saying the player has skill based on its internal rating system. You can find out what the game really thinks of your skill level by looking at the difference between your current rank and what it gets changed to upon resetting it. On social media in Japan, we can see the joy and disappointment of players as they let the game evaluate their abilities. It’s been garnering a lot of attention because players want to know just what kind of rank the game has waiting for them just below the surface.

Also note that ranks are forcefully decreased with the start of a new season. This automatic decrease is not the same as a player’s rank being measured by the game, so don’t get the two confused if you try it for yourself. At any rate, one’s abilities are always changing. If you have a low rank, you can improve your skills through practice and consistent play. It’s probably best to not get too discouraged by what the game thinks of you.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-12-01 20:31 JST)