Splatoon 3’s Rainmaker mode has a bug where the counter drops to 1 after activating a checkpoint [FIXED]

[UPDATE 2022/10/28 14:22 JST]
Nintendo has released the patch notes for Splatoon 3’s Ver. 1.2.1 update. This latest update sets out to fix the issues mentioned in the article.

Fixes to Multiplayer

– Fixed an issue in Rainmaker that caused the player who placed the Rainmaker on a checkpoint to appear motionless to other players.
– Fixed an issue in Rainmaker where the goal distance count would go to 1 even when the Rainmaker had not reached the goal.
– Fixed an issue where, if you got on an inkrail while using the Inkjet or Zipcaster, allies Super Jumping towards you would land at the start point of the inkrail instead of the intended location.

[Original Text 2022/10/27 17:57 JST]
Nintendo released their latest update to Splatoon 3 on October 25. While the update brought balance adjustments, network improvements, and bug fixes for weapons (related article) there were soon reports on social media of a new bug that caused the counter in Rainmaker to immediately drop to 1.

Tweet Translation:
There’s a bug that causes the counter to advance immediately in Rainmaker after the update. What is this?

Rainmaker is one of the modes that can be enjoyed in Splatoon 3’s Anarchy Battles. Players are split into two teams of four and there’s a weapon called the Rainmaker placed in the middle of the map for players to battle over. The team that brings the Rainmaker to the goal near the enemy team’s base wins.

As you carry the Rainmaker deeper into enemy territory, a counter starting at 100 decreases depending on how far you advance. Whichever team brings the Rainmaker to their goal, which is when the counter reaches 0, or the team that is closer to 0 when the match timer ends is the winner.

The bug that was discovered after the update causes this counter to immediately drop to 1. In Rainmaker, there are checkpoints between the center of the stage and the enemy’s goal. The Rainmaker must be placed on one of these checkpoints before reaching the goal, but this bug appears to happen under certain conditions near checkpoints.

When checking footage of the numerous reports of the bug on social media, we can see they all occur at a checkpoint. They all show the counter dropping to 1 after breaking through a checkpoint, busting the Rainmaker’s shield, and grabbing the Rainmaker again.

Tweet Translation:
Even with the update this lag is rough… The counter…
Tweet Translation:
The counter went from 68 to 1 lol.

Those who have reported the bug are also posting Battle Replays to Twitter. When looking at these replays in the game, around the time an opponent tries to pick up the Rainmaker when the bug occurs, they begin to move around like they’re lagging. Besides the numerous reports from players, I (the original author of this article) was able to confirm it for myself in the Battle Replays.

This is a game breaking issue for Rainmaker. Many matches come down to slowly pushing through enemy territory with the counter determining who won. However, this bug can cause the tide of battle to immediately turn. Your team could be about to win, but if the bug occurs for the opposing team, they’ve suddenly turned the tables.

Fortunately, Nintendo is aware of the issue and stated that they will release an update soon to fix it. However, Rainmaker has been temporarily removed from the Anarchy Battle rotation.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-10-26 18:27 JST)