Was that Li-Fen in the Street Fighter 6 trailer? Fans seem to think so

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-06-03 16:50 JST)

Capcom has released a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 and announced that game will launch in 2023. Some fans suspect that the unknown female character that appears in the trailer is Li-Fen.

The character in question appears at 1:26

The trailer introduces the new modes that will be featured in the game while also showing some fight scenes between Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and new character Jamie. These four are the only currently announced playable characters, but the trailer also features a scene where Chun-Li battles a young female character. It is unclear who this character is, but her unique design has left quite the impression on gamers.

On social media, some fans have pointed out that this new character may be Li-Fen, who has appeared in a number of previous games in the series and is heavily involved in Chun-Li’s storyline. Chun-Li’s character profile for Street Fighter 6 gives credence to this theory as it mentions that she looks after Li-Fen and that they enjoy going shopping together.

Li-Fen’s Street Fighter V profile from Capcom’s official site

Up until now, Li-Fen has always appeared as a young girl who wears traditional Chinese clothing, as seen in the image above. She gives off quite a different vibe to the character who appears in this new trailer. However, this new character has a blue bag that features a pixel art panda and is very reminiscent of the panda bag that Li-Fen has. Pandas are also listed as one of Li-Fen’s likes in her profile. Her ox-horn hair style is also similar to Chun-Li’s and there have been times when Chun-Li has styled Li-Fen’s hair in this way.

Based on their facial expressions as they fight, we can assume that the two share an amicable relationship. The scene also clearly highlights the fact that Chun-Li is her superior in terms of fighting ability. This evident display of a relationship that closely resembles that of Chun-Li and Li-Fen is just one more reason that many fans have concluded that this new character is a grown-up version of Li-Fen.

Since Capcom has yet to release any information regarding this new character, we still can’t say for sure whether she is actually Li-Fen. However, if these assumptions are proven accurate, the next question that will naturally come to mind is whether or not she will be playable. Only four playable characters have been announced so far, and fans are eagerly awaiting more information about the game.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) in 2023.

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