Poop-themed typing game sells better than expected on Steam

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2021-12-21 17:53 JST)

Japanese solo indie developer INORK Game says their poop-themed typing game Unko Typing (unko means poop in Japanese) has sold more than they were expecting. Unko Typing was released as a Steam Early Access title this December and has players type humorous poop-related words.

Before playing, the game gently reminds players to wash their hands before typing after they’ve pooped.
The game contains over 300 words.

INORK Game is a high school student and game developer. When asked what the impetus was for creating the game, they said it started from wanting to make a fun and interesting typing game. They were a little hesitant about making the game poop themed since it’s a bit vulgar but thought it would be fine if it’s something players enjoyed. When we asked if they had any interesting poop stories to share, INORK Game deftly avoided the question by saying they had none at all.

Your skills are evaluated with unkpts (unko points).

Some users can be seen sharing their opinion that $9.99 is too expensive for the game. To that, INORK Game says the game was priced that way because it will be receiving long-term updates. They say the price might not seem appropriate now, but after taking in feedback and evolving the game, they want to have a game that’s worth the $9.99 when it fully releases.

While INORK Game can’t reveal concrete sales numbers, they said it’s sold far above expectations. As for future updates, the plan is to add more words and more modes to play. Among the planned modes are a mode that will make for exciting YouTube broadcasts, a mode to compete with friends, and a mode those who can’t type well can also enjoy. After that, INORK Game says they plan on adding English support.