FIMMIGRM is an AI track generator that automatically creates original songs

Original Japanese text written by. Ryuki Ishii
Translated by. Marco Farinaccia

Japanese tech company TMIK has released FIMMIGRM, a music creation service that generates songs using AI. The service uses the FIMMIGRM ENGINE, an AI that uses machine learning to analyze the characteristics of hit songs, to create a variety of different melodies and chord progressions. The service claims to be easy to use and allows for songs to be purchased for a low price without any of the hassles that normally come with rights management.  

According to TMIK, AI music generation services that have existed up until now do not truly “compose” music, but instead just create background music that has no melody. They contend that FIMMIGRM is an AI composer in the true sense of the word. Users can edit the AI-generated melodies and incorporate them into their own songs, making it possible to create original tracks without any knowledge of musical composition.

It is a service that is aimed at a wide range of users, including content creators and influencers who are looking for music to add to their videos, and even professionals that work in the music industry. Of course, the service could also be used to create game music.

TMIK representative and music producer Kenji Tamai is the person who selects the songs that are used as data for the AI to learn. He has composed and produced music for a large number of well-known artists, such as Kenshi Yonezu, Official Hige Dandism, Aimyon, and Aimer.

* This song uses a melody created by the FIMMIGRM AI that has been arranged and had vocals added by agehasprings.

There are three ways to use FIMMIGRM. The first is to purchase tracks from over 100,000 AI-composed songs that are sorted by genre, are copyright free, and allow for trial listening. Once a track is purchased, it belongs to the user and can’t be purchased or used by anyone else. The track can be freely edited and used in any capacity, even for commercial use.

The second method is for the user to upload their own songs in MIDI format and have the AI generate a new song using the MIDI as a base. The third method is to purchase tracks that use an AI-generated song as a base and are then arranged by professional composers. Just like standard tracks, these songs can be freely downloaded to use and edit. However, unlike the standard tracks, these professionally arranged songs do not belong exclusively to the user and can also be purchased by others.

There are four different types of paid subscription plans to choose from: Starter, Standard, Creator, and Business. Previously purchased tracks can still be downloaded even after your subscription is canceled or has expired.

On an annual subscription, the plan details are as follows:

– Starter: 500 yen (around $3.70) per month and includes 5 download credits
– Standard: 850 yen (around $6.40) per month and includes 20 download credits
– Creator: 1650 yen (around $12.30) per month and includes 60 download credits
– Business: Allows the purchase of pro-arranged tracks for a special price before they are released to other users. Unlike purchasing pro-arranged tracks on other plans, rights of the songs belong to you and other users will not be able to view or purchase the tracks. It is also possible to request the pro-arranged track’s composer to re-arrange or edit the song. Those interested in this plan must contact FIMMIGRM directly.

* One AI-generated track is 1 download credit and one pro-arranged track is 5 download credits.
* Credits are valid for a period of one month and will expire the day before same date of the following month.

The English website for FIMMIGRM can be found here. TMIK also offers a video and photo editor app called FIMMIGRM Film, which lets users add AI-generated songs to their content. It’s an experimental app that uses an alpha version of the FIMMIGRM ENGINE and is available on the App Store in a number of countries, including Japan.