Chilla’s Art’s announce found footage mockumentary-style horror game Jisatsu 

Japanese indie developer Chilla’s Art announced their upcoming title Jisatsu for the PC (Steam) on December 3. Prior to the announcement, Chilla’s Art had mentioned that they are planning one more title for this year, so it is likely that Jisatsu will be released by the end of 2023. 

Jisatsu is a found footage type mockumentary horror game in which you explore old, derelict Japanese houses in the dead of night. Details regarding the plot and characters are not yet known, but the in-game screenshots released so far show dilapidated interiors and exteriors of old-fashioned Japanese houses, with some of the rooms having an odd, lived-in atmosphere. 

As it is a mockumentary style-game, Jisatsu will present fictional events in the manner of a documentary, and it will also feature found footage, i.e. footage recorded by other characters in the story and “found” later on. The game’s title Jisatsu appears to be a play on words, as it is written with the characters for “self-taken image/video,” but given a non-standard reading that sounds the same as the Japanese word for “suicide.” 

Jisatsu by Chilla's Art
Jisatsu by Chilla's Art

According to the official Steam store page for Jisatsu, the environments in the game are inspired by Japanese horror cinema, and immersion is further amplified with the use of VHS film effects. The game belongs to the psychological horror genre, and the developer’s mature content warning includes suicide, gore, killing, corpses, violence and dead animals. 

Jisatsu by Chilla's Art

The developers Chilla’s Art describe themselves as “two brothers making Japanese horror games.” They have an impressive track-record in short horror titles such as Aka Manto, The Convenience Store and The Closing Shift. In 2023 alone, they released the four titles The Karaoke, Night Security, Parasocial and The Kidnap. Released in November, The Kidnap has a Very Positive status on Steam (out of 264 reviews) at the time of writing.  

On November 28, Chilla’s Art had announced via X/Twitter that they plan to release another game within the year, and this could mean that Jisatsu will be their fifth title for 2023. 

Jisatsu is scheduled for release for the PC (Steam). 

Written by. Amber V based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-12-03 15:45 JST)

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